Mardi Gras Cake
Jazzing Up the Cake

You Mardi Gras Cake  will truly be one of a kind. Fun colors and designs are top priority when you have a mardi gras wedding theme so your cake will definitely embrace this.

Purples, yellows, greens, beads, glitter, masks, jesters, feathers... all calls for a one of a kind and fun celebration.

Wonderful pictures and unforgettable memories that will last for a lifetime will be created on your wedding day.
And your wedding cake is always a focal point, so take the opportunity to have an amazing cake for your original wedding theme.

Check out these original designs by master bakers and get inspired to have a creation of your own.

Tiered and Square

mardi gras cake, mardi gras cake picture

If you want a tiered cake with a  modern spin, you can use square cakes instead of the more traditional round ones.

Take a look at this photo courtesy of Devrah.

While the artist remains unknown, the designs is fun and great!Also take a great decoration tip on how to set up your wedding cake display. See how Mardi Gras colorful  beads were added surrounding the bottom tier, making the display more eye catching.

The Mask is the star

mardi gras cake, mardi gras cake picture, mardi gras event ideas

What about the round tiered design?
In this photo courtesy of Clrn66 you can see that adding up a mardi gras mask as a wedding topper really sparks up the cake.

Some brides use not one but two masks, or a mask and a crown to symbolize the event. If you will want to create a focal point with this cake, you could take the decoration tip described above. But instead of beads, you could use other elements, such as feathers, glitter or mardi gras confetti.

Presentation and small details can truly make a difference on your display, get creative!

Forms instead of tiers in this Mardi Gras Cake

mardi gras cake, mardi gras cake picture

But what if you take the theme to your cake to a whole different level?  Look at this beautiful creation.

Everything is edible  but the ribbons on the mask. The crown , the mask and the coin, are made of cake, this is truly a work of art. If you want an unconventional Mardi Gras cake for your wedding theme, this is it!

And also note the vibrant colors of this creation, purple, gold and green form a wonderful palette that is memorable and fun to work with.

Photo courtesy of Megs cake.

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