Mardi Gras Attire

Your Mardi Gras attire should go with the theme.Being a classy and elegant bride is possible when having a fun Mardi Gras wedding theme.

From your wedding gown , to your accessories, many ideas can be implemented so you have that jazzy New Orleans look. Let's take a look at some tips and pictures so you can start dreaming about that perfect bridal look for you celebration.

Are you ready? Let's begin.

The Feathered Look

Any Mardi Gras Attire could easily be achieved by using feathers in your gown.  Feathers are not only theme appropriate, but they are also in and will give you an ultra sophisticated modern look.

Many couture gowns include feathers now. You can get inspired by this Corset feathered wedding gown for example.

mardi gras attire, feather corset wedding gown

Or this gorgeous option with a feathered skirt.

Jovani - 63891 Strapless Feather-Fringed Mermaid Gown

Maybe you love this dress, but you have yours already. So take inspiration by this creative idea and add up some feathers to jazz it up. You can add them in the corset just like in the gown displayed above, or in other areas in your dress.

Or spice up your dress with a delicate feather inspired belt design.

Feather Belt 

Making the alteration

If you love the idea, you can find feathered appliqués at any fabric store that you can add to your dress. Some areas where you can add the feathers to are on your dress straps, waist, skirt or bust line.  If you decide to make the alteration remember to use just a few feathers to keep the elegance of the dress.

Bridal Make Up Ideas

You can really spice things up with the theme when it comes to make up. From the use of shimmery eye shadow or lipstick to the use of some body glitter, anything goes if you are up to having fun with your theme.

For example, you can go bold with some purple shimmery eye shadow, or have an elegant and sophisticated look by using gold shades instead. If you do decide to go with a bold color combination , just focus it on one part of your face.  Let’s say , have a lot of eye make up detail but subtle lips or vice versa. 

For a classy and elegant look I highly recommend the use of gold shades. You can use them in your eyes, or in your cheekbones for a goddess look.

Mardi Gras Attire Ideas for your Flower Girl

You can also incorporate the theme with your flower girl by adding Mardi Gras type elements in subtle ways to their attire.

From Feather head pieces, brooches and even feather instead of petals for her to sprinkle down the aisle, you can assure that she will look glamorous and fun at the same time. 

Flower Girl Feather Headpiece

from: Blushfashion LTD

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