Make Your Own Wedding Favors
A Exquisite And Unique Way To Express Your Gratitude

When you make your own wedding favors you can cut cost helping your wedding budget.

Planning your wedding favors is one of the things that you have to consider. There are many expensive items available in the market, but sometimes more expensive doesn’t mean better.

These favors may not reflect your personality and/or your vision of what you want to give to your wedding guests. So, making your own wedding favor is the best way to give your personal thanks to your guests plus it is very unique and very you!

So let me give you some ideas for wedding reception favors and how to custom made them, so they will still look beautiful and professional.

make your own wedding favors, favor boxes

First, decide on what type and size of gift box or gift bags you wish to use.

Smaller boxes prove to be much cheaper when bought in bulk and they are handy for the guests to bring home. Choose also the color of the bags or boxes carefully, as they should fit within your wedding palette.

make your own wedding favors, scented candles

Second, know what you want to give to your guests as your thank you gifts. You can choose from making your own design of chocolates, look for bulk orders of Mini Scented candles, cute flip-flop floating candles, mini chocolates, soaps, and etc., to save cost.

If you have a passion for baking you can also consider making your own wedding cookie favors. Just bake your favorite cookie recipe, use your favorite cookie cutters and you would have created an inexpensive wedding favor that everyone will surely enjoy.

make your own wedding favors, favor stickers

Third and last, you can choose to secure the box with a Ribbon or with Monogram Stickers with your initials in it.

Nowadays, making your own favors mean that you can start from scratch or with the help of ready made items.

You can achieve the result you want by being resourceful and add a bit of your creativity! You now have your custom-made wedding favor.

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