Make your own Beach Wedding

Create a unique beach wedding theme with our easy to follow How to's

Make your own beach wedding.
If you have the idea of a beautiful beach wedding I am sure that there are many images that pop in your head.
Yes, a beautiful summer wedding celebration and a beach theme go hand in hand, but What about those planning details?

If you are planning everything on your own , you may want to bear with me and take a couple of notes , so your beach wedding celebration and planning are as smooth as any bride need them to be.

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Your Location

Choosing a wedding location is never easy.
You know what you want, but unless you always dreamt of a particular site and is in your means to just go get it booked, choosing the perfect location can take some time.

Plan ahead and be open about suggestions and unusual locations when you make your own beach wedding.

You may want to have your ceremony at the beach, but your party may not necessarily have to take place there.
Having a beach side venue or setting is always a popular option.

You can even have your ceremony at a venue with a beach backdrop, but not at the beach itself.
So keep an open mind and take some time to shop around and once you decide, book your venue and do not look back.

Beach side venues are extremely popular so if you are decided just book it , before you regret not doing so.

Do not forget about your permits!

Once you have your location, make sure that you count with the proper permits or licenses for your wedding to be official.

Every state and county has different rules, some counties require permits and some other don't.
So make sure to check with the proper county office for your location so you can have all your paperworks set.

Also take into account if the location where your event will take place at has parking or not, as you may want to pick up the parking fee for your guests, or include it in a note with directions to the place.

Putting it together

Another thing you want to take a look at is weather. Visit the location before hand and be aware of what the situation is at the time your wedding will be held.
Is there enough shade?
Is it too windy?
Is it too bright?
These are simple questions that you may want to ask yourself in order to be ready for the best day of your life.

This planing ahead will save you a lot of headaches on your day.

Now that you have the location and the permits, all that you need to do is actually to plan your beach wedding.
Choosing a theme could make things simpler.
It will set a uniform feeling and environment at your wedding, so choose a theme that you feel you can implement if you make your own beach wedding and that truly represents you.

Share your wedding theme ideas and planning with other brides! Get tips and Ideas for your theme.

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