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Once you learn how to make paper flowers you will realize that there is more of a crafty diva in you than you ever thought.

Paper flowers are stepping strong in the bridal fashion world.

They easily match any color palette and they can be bought or made.

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Handmade paper flowers can be done even by someone with no experience with the help of templates and easy to follow instructions.

Using different types of papers and extra materials such as pearls, beads, and glitter could help you create a very unique flower style.

These flowers can be used on:

  • Wedding decorations

  • Centerpieces

  • Boutonnieres

  • Floral Wreaths

  • Cake Decorations

  • Favors

  • Adorning Place-cards

  • Decorating Flower Girl Headbands

  • Cool Topiaries

  • While crepe paper is the one of the most popular materials for handmade paper flowers, brides are getting more creative and using unusual finds.

    Using paper sheets from old books or music sheets to make paper flowers or rosettes is a trend that is gaining strength for couples with a vintage or Victorian theme. Construction paper is used for large flowers due to it's weight and sturdiness. Stronger materials like this can take some shape and flexibility using a couple of easy to implement embossing techniques.

    Vellum paper has a delicate look and feel that can be ideal for mini flowers and small bouquets. Most of all paper flowers are timeless and when taken good care of they do not deteriorate.

    So get ready, get some paper of your choice, regular and/or decorating scissors, some glue, floral wire and let's create unique details for your wedding.

    Get inspired with our pictures and ideas to make your own paper flowers crafts and decorate your venue in an affordable and original way!

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