Luau theme wedding...
Aloha to Love

A Luau theme wedding.

All the fun of a summery Caribbean celebration should be present on your wedding day.
the vibrant colors, exotic flowers, music and cool drinks are just the beginning of this celebration.
without saying more, let's get started!

The Colors...

Vibrant vivid colors say it all on this theme. Oranges, reds and yellows are at the order of the day.
Add a little green, blue or white to create some contrast.
This wedding theme works best when celebrated outdoors.

If you have a beach wedding this may be the ideal theme for you, but it also translates very well in a garden or outdoor venue.
If this is the case transform the place into a tropical destination just adding a few touches.

luau them wedding flower, exotic red flower

Setting the Scene

Hawaiian Shirt Placecard Holders (Set of 3)

Greet your guests with a big Aloha and give them leis so they can wear them at the party as they go through a Luau arch. Advise them with your invitation that your celebration requires a very laid back attire, so Hawaiian shirts are a must!
You can even have some little ones do this part of the work!

Place Hawaiian Shirt Placecard Holders at your tables.

Decorate with vibrant exotic flowers such as orchids, hibiscus or birds of paradise (which you could also use for your centerpiece or bouquet).
You can even have a tray fruit centerpiece (it has the tropical and colorful ingredient so you kill two birds with one stone).

Have a signature drink. The ideal one should be one made of with fruits or juices, garnished with oranges, pineapple or cherry.
Pina coladas, mai tais and/or fruit smoothies are the favorite ones.

At some time in the celebration have a Limbo Kit placed and play a little game!

Dressing the part

Nicole Miller at ShopStyle

You could use any type of wedding gown for luau wedding theme.
If you are a daring bride and don't want the traditional white wedding dress, find one in a vibrant color, such as orange or red.
I know, it is an statement, but you will look gorgeous!

Another way to incorporate the theme into you ceremony is to wear a Plumeria Poepoe ( flower headband) so typical of the hawaiian celebrations..

You can also incorporate the theme by wearing floral jewelry or with a wonderful exotic flowers bouquet.

Luau theme wedding bouquet, exotic flower bouquet, bird of paradise bouquet

A little something for your guests

Some of the most original favors for your Luau wedding theme are:

* "White Orchid" Gel Candle

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