A Japanese Wedding Theme.
Want the glamour of an exotic affair for your wedding?

A Japanese wedding theme is what you want.
The Asian cultures mesmerizes you and you want to incorporate it in your wedding day.

This theme brings the exotic culture alive and defines an original cultural theme.
Let's get started with amazing wedding ideas for this event!

The First Hint...

Asian Fan Invitation

Weddings in Japan are a feast of expensive taste all over. Think silk, flowers and culture immersed all around you.
The perfect colors should be reds, browns and white.
A little green here and there will compliment the environment you are creating.

The first hint for your guests that you are having this theme will be given by your wedding invitation. Use a Fan Invitation. The gorgeous colors and unique presentation will make an statement.
Your guests will be eager to know what's coming!

A Royal Celebration

Japanese Oriental Arch decoration

Imagine your guests arriving at your venue through a magnificient Oriental Archway .


Use Paper Lantern Party Lights and Stylish Oriental Parasol White Each to set the environment

Oriental Elegance Parasol White Place Asian "Snap Purse" Place Card Holder on your tables.
and a Chinese Lantern Centerpiece Each .

Your guests will delightedly take pictures with some Bamboo Print Cameras that you will place on your tables. This way you will have pictures of your day from different angles and perspectives, you won't know what you'll find until you develop the films.

Let's talk about food...

A little tradition comes into place when we are talking of a Japanese wedding theme.
You can add some of these symbolic traditions , whether you have this theme for fun or cultural reasons.

For starters your menu shouldn't have four courses of any multiples of fours.
Do you know why?
As it turns out the word for four is "shi" and it sounds an awful lot like the word for death "shikyo".

Red is the color of luck in japanese tradition. It is typical to serve lobster to wish the happy couple good luck in their union.

Another custom easy to incorporate in your ceremony involves your wedding cake.
Just after cutting it, the couple will approach each table and light up a candle there.

Wedding Favors Asian Style

Your wedding favor should have the Asian flair all over them to go with your theme.
Here are the best options:

* Engraved Silver Chopsticks

* Asian Votive Candle in Silken Pouch with Tassels

* Sandalwood Fan Favor

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