Italian Wedding Traditions
Make These Customs your Own

If Italian wedding traditions would have never taken place, many of the classic wedding traditions would have never been born.
Little things we give for granted, like having bridesmaids and wearing a veil started out in Ancient Rome.

But there are many traditions that got lost with time and as they are not really practical nowadays they got buried in the past.
However , those traditions that survived, can be easily incorporated in your celebration and with a twist create new wedding ideas.

Before the Big Day

While traditionally your grooms will pay your family for you in precious stones and your family will pay for the wedding, I know you figured out by now, this is not a custom that survived the medieval times.

Modern couples decide to pay for the wedding on their own, in same cases the bride's family carries on with taking care of all the expenses.

If your groom decides to ask for your hand in marriage to your family, and is accepted the next step will be the formal engagement.

He could serenade you (how romantic and traditional!) but the main business will be to present you with the engagement ring.
As in many cultures, a diamond ring is the top choice for this occasion.
And after that your wedding planning starts.

The colors

Green is considered to be a lucky color, so brides to be are encouraged to wear it the day before the wedding.
Green is considered to be a lucky color, so brides to be are encouraged to wear it the day before the wedding.
And talking of colors...
Modern brides are pretty much in control of the wedding colors, but if you like surprises, this custom is an easy one to incorporate to your wedding.
Your groom will meet you at the church entrance and hand you your flower bouquet. You won't know up to that moment what your bouquet looks like, what flowers are in it or the color.
So if you love surprises and want to take a little risk, let your honey do the work on this!

And speaking of the bouquet. In ancient times , herbs were included to scare bad spirits away.
so if you are in charge of choosing your bouquet, and don’t go with the above mentioned custom, incorporate some herbs in your bouquet.

The wedding day

Families in Italy are strongly religious and the wedding day is one to show this.
Your groom will wait for you and you will arrive in your white dress.
A wedding veil is a must, due that is consider to guard you from evil spirits.
However your groom is encouraged to take it away once you are married and even to tear the veil apart, due that this is considered good luck!

One of the Italian wedding traditions that do persist is the one for the bride and her attire.
While you have to make sure to wear the veil to cast bad spirits away, your groom should have in his pocket an iron piece or coin for the same reason.

As a sign of good fortune, once the ceremony is over , guests will shower you with rice or confetti.

The food

While at your venue you will carry a small satin or velvet bag, where your guests can deposit wedding gifts (usually money).

Italian wine is exquisite and present at the celebration, and also olives, fruits and pasta make an appearance for sure in your menu.
Besides the italian wedding cake, there will be a sweet table, with cookies and candy.

To complete the evening, coffee and expressos are offered to compliment the sweets table.

But Italian wedding traditions can be tricky sometimes.
You know why? In some regions cake is not served at all.
Instead the guests received a favor box filled with coated almonds, which represent the bitter and sweet of marriage life.
That's why they also make a great wedding favor for the occasion.

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