Italian Wedding Cake
An Original Wedding Cake

The Italian wedding cake is far from plain.
A mix of nuts, whether is almond or pecans, pineapple and a cheese cream based frosting is surely to send your taste buds in craving mode.

I am assuming that you will hire a baker to take care of baking this specialty, so I am going to concentrate here in just showing great design ideas to inspire you.

However if you, or someone in your inner circle is taking the task of baking , here is the italian wedding cake recipe.

Some important elements that need to be present for your cake to fall in this category:

* White frosting, that represents purity.
Some brides decide to do only one white frosting tier (the top one) and decorate the other ones with a color design on a white background.

* Fresh fruits, preferably pineapple as the main flavor, but you can decorate with pieces of strawberries, peaches, or any other fruit of your preference for a modern twist.

* Use a wedding cake topper!.
Preferably a classic one with the bride and groom figurines. Simple and timeless.

But enough talking!

Let's check out some great creations from Let Them Eat Cakes.

italian wedding cake, white icing cake, white roses cake

This gorgeous design is all white and icing. The roses and the different tiers add to this unique look.
While it is clear that there are different tiers, pay attention on how to add height by using a pillar to elevate the top portion.

italian wedding cake, white icing cake, white roses cake

Another pure icing design. Simple and elegant.

italian wedding cake, white icing cake, white fairies cake

While this creation has the icing element present, it also has a splash of color and a unique fairies design that makes it also fitted for other theme weddings.

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