Italian Wedding Cake

A Hard to Resist Wedding Cake

You want an Italian wedding cake. You want to follow the Italian  tradition and the cake is part of it, so be it!
Or you may have tried this delicious sweet before and want it to be part of your day.
But you are not so thrilled about the all white icing style that goes along with the traditional Italian cake.

Find Inspiration for your Italian Wedding Cake

You want some color, or maybe some fondant not just icing. You are a t a crossroad and do not know what to do.
If you follow tradition strictly  you don't get the design you want, but if you get the cake you always dreamed of, tradition needs to be left to the side.

So what's a smart bride to do? First of all , do not panic , there's a solution!
Get inspired by the pretty creations of Let them eat cakes  and you will be on your way!

italian wedding cake, fondant wedding cake, italian wedding cake picture

This creation fits perfectly an Italian theme for the colors, but instead of icing everywhere, fondant was also used.
Fondant gives you (or your baker) the chance to create some designs and figures you wouldn't be able to with icing.
Take for example this bows. Fondant gives you the opportunity to create dimension and this is the perfect example.

italian wedding cake, fondant wedding cake, italian wedding cake picture

Look at this picture with a mini cake. The design is simple and has a little color and icing to it.  Also very present the groom and bride figurines in this case edible.
You know, the wedding topper is a must in Italian weddings.

italian wedding cake, hydrangeas wedding cake, italian wedding cake picture

This one has icing , but a lot of colors!
The hydrangeas give the floral element and another tone to the celebration.
Now you have more ideas on how to combine tradition and style, I am sure.

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