Island wedding theme.
Escape from it all on your day

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An island wedding theme... Have you ever dream of being in a tropical island?
Enjoying drinks, eating fresh fruits while listening to the soothing sounds of the waves in the background?
On your wedding day, escape from it all and transport everyone with you to this paradise by setting the scene for this theme.

And let me remind you, the ideas presented here can be adapted no matter if you are literally celebrating at the beach or if you are celebrating indoors and recreating the island atmosphere. So let's begin...

The colors...

Which colors should you use for an island wedding theme? I like the combination of white, browns and green.
You'll be recreating the set of an island, so don't think only about the beach.
Think also about the luscious plants, flowers and trees that should be surrounding you if you were on location.

You could include an extra color that you like to create contrast. Maybe one of a tropical flower if you decide to use them in arrangements or decorations.
Reds, pinks and oranges work particularly well when they are use only in little doses here and there.

Setting the scene

If you have an aisle runner on your ceremony, you could have it spray painted with gold palm tree designs to set the mood.
Just paint them along the length of the runner or the results could be overwhelming. You just want to give the runner a little touch, not to use it as a canvas!

You could use white, ivory or beige for your linens. Place the chair covers and tablecloths in matching colors. You could use your contrasting color in a ribbon tied around the chair covers to create an effect.
Have coconut, pineapples or palm tree charms placed in your glasses or palm tree swizzle sticks on your drinks.

You'll have endless possibilities if you decide to have a floral arrangement as your centerpiece.
A nice idea is to go with tropical flowers in a vibrant color (will set your contrasting color for the theme).

Another idea could be having instead of a flower arrangement a fruit arrangement. You can buy this or create your own.
You can also have a mini palm tree centerpiece or a glass bowl filled with sea glass in the bottom, fill with water and a floating flower.

If your guest list is not so big, you could have a glass bowl with live fish as your centerpiece, and after the party your guest gets to go home with it ( one of my favorites ideas and loved by kids!).
Beta fish are beautiful, but they are fighters and you can only put one per bowl. Perfect scenario unless you have to end up going home with all the fish.
So give it a deep thought before going with this centerpiece. It looks wonderful and it is truly original, but you don't want to end up going home with all the fish if your guests don’t want to take them home.

Another idea if you decide to go with a non conventional wedding cake, have a small cake that you'll cut with your groom with palm tree designs for the theme, or your chosen flower (use sugar flowers or fresh ones) decorating it.
In each guest table have a tray of cupcakes with the same decoration, or decorate the cupcakes with palm tree charms.

Dressing the part

There's no specific dress style for an island wedding theme, just add a tropical flower to your hair do to go with the theme. Or have a starfish hair accessory to complement your look.
Consider walking the aisle barefoot to go with the theme and customize your garter set (create your own by adding a small starfish with hot glue to your garter).

A little something for your guests

You'll find many types of favors for an island wedding theme. Candles, sand castle candles, bookmarks, personalized coco or coffee, palm tree cookie cutters, bookmarks.
You name it is there. So it is up to you to figure out what you want within all of the possibilities.
You could also fill in personalized bags, tins or boxes (you can find palm tree shaped gift boxes) with your favorite candy.

One of my favorites is mini bottles filled with sand and shells. This favor is one that you can buy or if you have the time you can do it yourself.
We all love something that was specially made for us, and if you do it yourself your guests will love.
Personalize them with your wedding date and your names.

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