Irish Wedding Traditions

Believe in Love and Luck

Irish Wedding Traditions

Irish wedding traditions are one of a kind.  The ancient, belief and customs mix to make your day one of a kind. 

Want to give these old traditions a modern twist? Let's get on it!

Do you believe?...

Many Irish wedding traditions have to do with superstition. Things that are believed to bring you good or bad luck on your wedding day.

From your wedding day, to your wedding colors, your choices are believed to have an impact in the marriage life to begin according to Irish folklore.

Setting your Wedding Date

Like in many other cultures (take the chinese for example), there are days that are believed to be of "good luck".
The luckiest day to get married in Irish culture is no other than Saint Patrick’s day.

While couples marry all year round, you can definitely check a Celtic calendar if you are looking for a lucky day to get married following traditions.

Once you set your date, don't forget that a bride should always carry a horseshoe for good luck. Don't worry ,nowadays there's no need to carry a metal one, you can find pretty ceramic or plastic ones.
And some bride decide to put it as a topper on their traditional irish wedding cake.

At the Church

An Irish wedding ceremony doesn't differ much from any other catholic ceremony. Hand fasting was essential in ancient times in the Celtic culture, but nowadays it is merely resumed in a quick part of the wedding ceremony we all take for granted.

Can you guess which part?

Modern hand fasting is when the priest will ask who is giving bride away to wed, and then proceed to  take the brides hand from her father or the person who is giving her away, and clasp it to the groom's hand.  If you want to follow tradition, you can have your and your groom's hand tied by the priest with claddagh ribbons.

At the end of the ceremony the newlyweds will walk out of the church and be showered with rice or confetti.
This is also part of ancient Irish wedding traditions. By showering the couple in grains (rice) it was believed that they will have a fruitful union.

Dressing the part

I know you are a modern bride and while including customs in your wedding while paying homage to your roots thrills you, the wedding dress is usually a touchy subject.
But guess what? In Irish wedding traditions, the dress style is actually the one of a timeless gown, so you will have no problems in finding a perfect Irish wedding dress, or wearing one.

I know you will look like a romantic princess in it.
While green is consider the color of luck and fits the Irish theme, it could be a tricky color to include in your wedding attire. Many brides decide to wear a green wedding gown without realizing that in ancient times this was considered a big No.

But do you know why?. I got to admit that the reason is quite cute. It all comes down to the belief that fairies are attracted to it, and fairies steal and keep pretty things. And brides like yourself, seemed to be at the top of most wanted things in Fairy Land.

So this one is really up to you. If you don't want to be "stolen" by fairies right in the middle of your wedding party, avoid including green in your dress.

Another wedding superstition (or fun fact, I rather say) that has to do with your attire: the earrings you wear will bring you happiness on that day an ever after.

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