The Irish Wedding Ring
The whole truth on the Claddagh Ring

The irish wedding ring is no other than the ring known as the claddagh wedding ring.

Full of symbolism and a beautiful design, it truly makes a statement. I am sure that you have seen one before, but probably didn’t even know that behind the design, there’s a promise of eternal love.As a matter of fact this ring is so popular among brides, that some of them even get inspired to have a claddagh wedding theme.

Are you ready to uncover the truth and nothing but the truth on this wonderful piece of jewelry?
If so, join me and let’s find out the facts together.

The birth of a symbol

I know you are not here for a history lesson, but sometimes it is good to know how certain things came to be, and the story behind the claddagh ring is one of those stories worth telling.

First of all, what’s with the name?
I thought it was named after someone, but I was surprised to find out that it was actually named after a place.
That place being the Claddagh fishing village, one of the oldest in Ireland.
Nowadays is a residential area in Galway, but that’s where the story began.

It is believed that a goldsmith by the name of Richard Joyce created the design around 1690 while being in captivity not to forget the woman he loved.
Fortunately for him he was released years later to find that this woman was still waiting for him. He presented her with the ring and she wore it for the rest of her days.

It’s all in how you wear it.

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What does the ring look like and what do the symbols mean?
The ring presents:

* two hands, representing friendship that holds
* a heart, meaning love, that is topped with
* a crown, for loyalty and fidelity.

This irish wedding ring can also act as an engagement ring.
If you wear it on your right hand with the heart facing away from you, it means that you are a free woman.
. But if you wear it with the heart facing inwards, like pointing to your heart, it means that you are taken.

If you wear it on your left hand with the heart facing inwards, it means you have committed your life to someone forever.

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