The Irish Wedding Dress

Traditional but Modern

Irish Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses that are aligned to be part of an irish wedding theme are really a bride's dream come true.

If you are worried about following tradition and having a beautiful dress, stop worrying right now! I know you are curious, so follow me!

What is it?

I guess that first of all we should talk about what an Irish wedding dress is.
You may be surprised to know that white was not the color of choice for brides in ancient times. Irish brides really chose pastel blues or yellows for their dresses. The introduction of white didn't happen until Victorian times.

To accentuate the white dress, Irish lace was used. While Irish lace production dates back to the 1600 it is unclear when this type of crochet like fabric made an impact in wedding fashions.

And what is Irish lace? Is what nowadays everyone refers to as French lace, a beautiful designed patterned lace. In a nutshell , all you need to do is find a dress that has a lace design and you should be ready to go.

I don't think there's an easier way to give a modern twist to a traditional gown than this. Let's take a look at some different dresses with lace, so you can see there are many ways to follow the irish dress tradition but also be loyal to your style.

Romantic Glamour

If you dream of Hollywood glamour and that's what you envision for your dress, this design is the one for you.

The lace detail is in the corset waist line and skirt detailing makes it a perfect fit for an Irish wedding, giving a modern twist to the Irish lace dress tradition.

 I know you are staring at me!

If you are a diva, an want a gown, where the lace detail is superb, this is the one for you.

The lace detail comes in different levels across the skirt and it also has a vintage look. And the bodice has a superb beading detail, which make sit even more alluring!

As you can see there are many options if you want to have an Irish wedding dress and still fit your style. You are a bride and you are going to look fabulous in your wedding gown!

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