An Irish Theme Wedding
The best theme for a lucky celebration!

An Irish theme wedding is what you've chosen for your day.
When you think of Ireland you think of breathtaking scenery, cloves , rainbows and Celtic traditions.

Are you a lucky bride with an Irish fixation? Do you love the traditions or the country as a destination?
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Let's get to work and bring the Irish charm to your celebration!

Getting ready for the big day...

irish theme wedding invitation

The first hint for your guests that you are having this theme will be given by your wedding invitation. Use a Delicate green wedding invitation .

The perfect location

This theme is simple and yet elegant.
If you celebrate you wedding outdoors, you will have taken half of the weight of wedding planning of your shoulders!
A gorgeous garden or backyard will provide the green element.

irish theme wedding picture, irish theme wedidng decorations, irish theme wedding flower

Customize your wedding items with a green element and a claddagh charm. You can have this on the flower basket, ring pillow, garter, etc.

Have an original centerpiece by placing in a glass bowl green crystal beads and floating candles or a figurine ( like the one with the frog below).
You can even have a different centerpiece in each table. For example one with a frog, one with a gator, etc.
The crystal beads can also be used spread on your tables.

irish theme wedding  favors, irish theme decorations,

If you decide to have a flower arrangement make it elegant and simple with withe flowers and some greenery. Simple and chic.

Irish theme Wedding Dress

There are many ways to incorporate the theme in your attire.
Most brides decide to go with a classic wedding dress and a simple white bouquet tied or decorated with a green bow .

Or perhaps you are in love with irish wedding traditions and want a traditional wedding dress.
Other adventurous brides decide to give their wedding dress a little green, and others even more daring decide to wear a complete green dress.

And the perfect accesory: a Claddagh wedding ring!

Wedding Favors Irish Style

Your wedding favor should have the Irish touch all over them to go with your theme.
Here are the best options:

* Personalized Sage Green and Brown Mini Candle

* Irish Personalized Mint Tin

* Fill in your favorite favor bag or box with Mint Cookies & Cream Maltballs or Green Milk Chocolate Balls Candy

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