An Indian Wedding
An exotic colorful celebration!

An Indian Wedding. An exotic colorful celebration! Tradition, flavors, colors and fashion mixed in this wedding theme.
The exotic and vibrancy of this culture are taking the world by storm.
Want a unique wedding theme? Let's get to work!

Setting the scene

Hold your ceremony outdoors in a beautiful garden but hold your reception indoors.
You will be using tons of reds and gold.
The greenery of the garden makes it easy to compliment these colors.

Incorporate all the elements of the Hindu tradition in your ceremony:

* Fresh flowers that represents beauty

* Coconut to represent fertility

* Rice and other grains for prosperity and good fortune

* Purified butter to light the sacred fire, Agni, which symbolizes purity and energy

* water to wash away any obstacles in life

Decorate with Hindu figurines, elephants and even peacocks.
A good example is to use elephant place card holders in gold .
Have a floral arrangement as your centerpiece, maybe one peacock inspired with natural peacock feathers.
Spread tons of red rose petals and encourage your guests to join the dance floor barefoot.

The cake

Going with the Hindu tradition you should have a vegan cake, gluten free (you know the ones with no animal products such as milk, eggs or butter).
If you are choosing this theme but have no religious or cultural ties, this should not be a point of concern to you.
Have a layered cake decorated in red and gold tones.

Just like this one with a stunning design by Artisan Cake Company

Indian wedding cake, red and gold wedding cake, gluten free wedding cake

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