Ice White Wedding Themes
A Pure Stunning Look

Create an ice paradise and celebrate with style

Ice white wedding themes are gorgeous and require minimum effort.

If you are looking to create an elegant and breathtaking look for your wedding day , ice white wedding themes are for you. They accommodate to almost any budget, no matter if you have a small one or if you want to spend thousands on your celebration and decorations.

The purity and innocence of the wedding color makes it a favorite among classy brides, while the winter wonderland spirit wins over the hearts of winter bridal dreams. Are you ready to create the perfect environment for this theme and your reception? Let’s get to work

The Right Venue

The best venues for this type of theme are those that are greatly spacious and well, as you may imagine very white…

Ideally you will find a venue with white walls or drapery , that will help you have the perfect environment that ice white wedding themes require. And the fact that you can use one of this reception halls will also make it extra easy on you when it comes to decorations.

Take into account that lightning can truly make you or break you for this theme. The right lightning will enhance the experience, while the wrong one can really kill the mood.

For example a winter wonderland theme is one of the most popular ice white wedding themes. Picture a venue nicely decorated with a few blue spot lights enhancing some decorations. Now imagine the same venue with a green spot light… Yes, not so enhancing now that you see the difference right?

So be careful when adding details like this to your overall look.

Setting Up

Setting up for your ceremony should be quite easy.

Simply decorate you tables with white linen. Adorn them with a gorgeous white flower arrangement. Roses, carnations, magnolias, orchids and calla lilies are favorites for this occasion.

If you want something a little bit more original that will also fit the ice theme use some clear sea glass or glass beads on a tray and place white pillar candles on top of it.

If you want to create something far more glamorous or unique, you can use a centerpiece that includes or is made solely with white feathers. A quick fix and DYI option is to buy white ostrich feathers and place theme in a tall skinny vase.

ice white wedding themes, feather and flower centerpiece

Another unique idea for ice white wedding themes centerpieces? Placing a flat bowl half way full of ice. Right on to of the ice place a floating candle or a big flower such as a magnolia. As the ice melts you will have a very original floating centerpiece.

In order to bring the ice element alive to your theme, some brides include touches of silver or glitter to sparkle up their celebration.

Some Extra Ideas

If you want to give any ice white wedding theme a whimsical or fairy tale look here are some extra ideas that you can use for your decorations or bridal look:

* An ice sculpture, surrounding your theme
Some favorite design include hearts, doves, groom and bride and butterflies.
* Use accessories made with marabou feathers. A white marabou fan can not only serve as decoration but it could also be used as a bridal look accessory instead of the traditional wedding bouquet.

* Feathers and swirl jewelry are also elements that could be included in your flower bouquet or arrangement.

* White or natural glittery eye shadow, especially if your celebration takes place in the night time. Some brides also like to wear a light body glitter cream to accentuate areas such as arms or cleavage. When done properly it truly adds to your look, but be careful do not overdo it.
Your look should be classy and elegant even if you are using extra shimmer, so use carefully.

* Fake birds such as white owls and peacocks

* Fake crystals for your tables or centerpieces

There are many possibilities, play with your imagination and you will find the perfect items to give your theme that personal touch, that will say it is your wedding.

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