I need simple and elegant ideas for my wedding..

I need ideas for my wedding..The color I have in my mind is electric blue and silver.

My name is Van..I am getting married in Jan 2010 .
I have selected an open venue facing the beach and the reception is in the evening.

My budget is only $3000 for everything so I am finding it hard to think of anything. Also please suggest some nice decorations for the church and favors also.

And my answer...

Dear Van:

There are many themes that you could do with the colors you have in mind.

One of the best things that you did was to find a venue by the beach and having an evening wedding for the colors that you’ve chosen.

You see, having the ocean and the night on your side, takes a lot of the work of your shoulders!

Talk to your venue and see if they can supply you with blue linen for your tables or if you are using chair covers, blue or silver sashes for them.

To keep it simple yet elegant is key when having a tight budget.
Some simple but elegant themes you can use are:

* Diamond Wedding theme: the diamond will be the silver or sparkle in your wedding, just make sure your linen is blue for this one!

*Monogram wedding theme: a timeless classy theme you can accommodate to any color.

* Nautical Theme wedding Want to give it a sporty or formal tone this may be the theme for you (I know there’s gold suggested in the article but you can always use silver instead)

* Star theme Wedding this theme ,even though is simple and elegant has an original side to it. I think this is your best option, due that there are many items and favors you can accommodate in this theme.

Small details add to the big picture...

Just a few details here and there can add to your wedding theme.

A cheap option for decorations is the use of gossamer. This gauze like fabric can be used to decorate tables, chairs, make bows and streamers. You can get it in different colors and textures or imprints.
For example you could use
Star Gossamer


At your venue or church use it to create the environment for your theme. The use of a good centerpiece sets the theme at your tables without much need for anything else if you have the proper linen colors.

The floral centerpiece is usually expensive if you are in a tight budget, but a themed centerpiece could serve you well.
is the biggest supplier online for decorations and centerpieces. Their Star centerpieces are really a good value for the price. If you sit 8 people per table, a party of 150 people will only require you to buy 19 centerpieces.
If you find a centerpiece for $5.00 you will only be spending less than $100.00 in these item.

In the end..

Just take into account that sometimes you need to think outside the box.

For favors, a cheap alternative is just to buy favor bags or boxes and filled them in with candy that you can buy bulk, or cookies ( maybe homemade).

You have plenty of time ahead to give this ideas a thought and do research.

As I said before, it seems that you have a great venue already ,so that's a great start. Just work on complimenting it with simple details.

I hope that my advise helps. Do not hesitate to contact me again if I can help you with anything else.

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