Hydrangea Centerpieces

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Hydrangea Centerpieces

Hydrangea floral arrangements are among the best of vintage wedding centerpiece flowers.

Delicate and truly elegant they can be used to create stunning arrangements in a flash.

hydrangea centerpieces, wedding table centerpiece, floral arrangement

Simply grabbing a bunch of them and placing them in a glass vase will make an understated yet beautiful creation. With a wide array of colors to choose from these flowers can fit your theme.

Natural fresh flowers or spray tinted ones can be found in several colors such as orange, pink, purple, blue, white, yellow, Tiffany blue, and mauve to name a  few.

hydrangea centerpieces, wedding table centerpiece, floral arrangement

Another type of wedding reception centerpiece uses hydrangeas mixed with other flowers. Take inspiration from this photo that displays an arrangement with white ones, green fillers and chic pink roses.

The white flowers serve as a fluffy backfield that contrasts with the pale roses in a white ceramic bowl completes the design. In this case, the arrangement could also fit not only an antique wedding but maybe a garden or romantic theme.

hydrangea centerpieces, wedding table centerpiece, sunflowers floral arrangement

These beauties also fit in a multicolored design with a variety of different flowers. Like in this photo with sunflowers and yellow roses that bring a country or western element to the final product.

Let your imagination inspire you to create a centerpiece that will fit your dreams, vision and theme. Finding the right color palette and translating it to your arrangement and decorations is an important task any bride should take to create the perfect venue look.

I hope you found these tips useful for your wedding planning.

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