How To Plan The Wedding You Dream
And One You Will Love

Are you looking to plan your wedding but you do not even know where to start? Getting engaged is exciting, but planning the wedding of your dreams can be stressful.

Brides to be want to have a unique one of a kind celebration but can easily become overwhelmed in the planning procedure, I know this first hand, it happened to me.

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My name is Andrea Korin and I am a wedding expert and bridal consultant. For the last 15 years, I’ve been helping brides like you bring the vision of the wedding they dream of come to life through easy and simple planning tips.

As an event planner I thought that planning my own wedding was going to be super easy. And then it hit me, being not only the planner, but also the bride on my own celebration was not such as an easy task as I originally thought.

Bridal bliss filled me with double guessing my choices and false expectations about what my own wedding should be like. All of a sudden, I was in a different state of mind and even though I knew what to do, when to do it and all the how to’s for having a successful event, I just couldn’t see clearly.

I knew by experience that…

Planning A Wedding Is Not Complicated

But with so many ideas, thoughts and information overload, planning your own celebration may make you want to scream!

It takes an average of 250 hours to plan a wedding, so why not start saving precious time by planning your event the right way?

You need a simple plan to follow and to stick to for creating that wedding you always wanted.

I put all my knowledge into action and now you can benefit from my own experience and expertise.

How to Plan the Wedding you Dream and One that You Will Love

how to plan the wedding you dream, wedding planning book, wedding of your dreams

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This book was born just to get your planning in motion. Through simple tips you will learn how to :

  • Announce your engagement

  • How to have a BLT, the wedding consultant style!

  • Color palettes and combinations

  • Choosing your location

  • What type of bride are you?

  • Do you need a wedding planner?

  • Body tricks to choose the dress that will make you looks like a goddess

  • Wedding stationery

  • Ceremonies to personalize your celebration

  • Keeping your sanity with planning and vendors

  • The timeline on your race to the altar
And much more!

But that is not all!

You may find that you want to know not only how to plan your wedding, but also how to make the most of your budget and wedding look. You may reach that pivotal frantic point where...

*You freak out cause you don't know what flowers you want

*You can't decide on the "perfect" wedding theme

*Cost start getting out of hand and you wish you had wedding budget tips

The list is endless!!! Here is the truth: there are simply things you don't know, there will be tips you wish you had known, and yes saving money is a top priority.

So...I wanted to share some insider tips with you. Not any tips, but those that brides wish they knew when they were planning their own wedding. Some will help you save some money, others may just put a smile on your face. It's the wedding checklist everyone wished they had.

You will receive 2 great Wedding Ebooks absolutely free.

Secret Money Saving Tips that Every Bride Should Know

Featuring tips to achieve your dream wedding without killing your budget. Learn how wedding wants can easily become wedding haves.

You will learn to think bridal, but also recognize the not so expensive options right away!

  • On Page 6 you will found out how I got my own deluxe wedding dress for only $250
  • Avoid the one word that gives your purchase an immediate mark up in price
  • And if you follow the decoration tips on page 8, this alone will save you thousands of dollars

What You Don't Know About Wedding Flowers

Featuring the most popular wedding flowers and their meanings. Also includes original tips on how to choose the ideal flower for you.

  • In this report I'm sharing the best tips I have for saving on your wedding flowers
  • If you pick the wrong flower you WILL send the wrong message, page 4 will help you choose the right color
  • Picking wedding flowers can give you a headache, page 10 is your ibuprofen

Planning lists month by month

The 3 months prior to a wedding are considered vital deadlines to get everything done right just in time.

With these simple lists, you will know when to do and what to do to create a successful and stress free event.

What Are You Waiting For?

Planning your wedding with peace of mind in an organized and simple manner is one of the best things you can do. And creating the wedding you always wanted is priceless.

how to plan the wedding you dream, wedding planning book, wedding of your dreams

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For just $25.00 you will get a wedding professional advice on everything you need to know when planning your wedding, tips on budgeting and how to make the most of your money, how to choose your flowers and the checklists that will keep you organized when you reach the 3 month deadline.

Start planning the wedding you want the right way right now with the instant download of How to Plan the Wedding you Dream and One that You Will Love.

Happy planning!

Andrea Korin
Wedding Expert and Bridal Consultant

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