How to Make a Boutonniere

Many brides decide to do their groom and bridal party boutonnieres on their own. Making boutonnieres can become a really fun project to embark on, and is one of those were you can recruit some family and friends to help you with if you have a large quantity to make.

Different types of boutonnieres require different techniques. However there are some basics that you should know when working with flowers.

To start with, you should count with the flowers, floral wires and floral tape. But depending on the flower type that you choose your wiring technique is going to vary.

You should always work in and organized manner, specially if you work on more than one buttonhole flower at a time. When choosing your wire use the thinnest you can  to work with, the one in the video is a 26 gauge.

When you cut the wire, cut it at a slant, cause this will create an easier end to pierce the flowers with.

When you wonder how to make a boutonniere with flat flowers like daisies you should know that they require a hook or pin technique. When you do this, you will bend the wire in half, creating a hook, and you will thread the flower right through the center. This way the wire will disappear within the flower, creating a solid but gentle fake stem to work with.

how to make a boutonniere

Once you do all your wiring, you can do all of your taping to cover the wiring.
Once you are done, you can start assembling with some foliage. Once you have your design, you can start taping again to set the up the boutonniere.

These are simple techniques that anyone can follow to create wonderful boutonnieres for any occasion.

Boutonniere Ideas

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