How I can make unique wedding?

by Herlina

Hello, I want to make my wedding like technology and science theme. But I don't have any idea on how to bring it to life.Please help me.


What an interesting theme you have chosen for your day!

The thing is, what does science and technology really mean to you? What is the concept or the vision that you have?

What I am trying to get to here is that what science and technology mean to me, may not be the same as what it means to you. Saying science and technology it is too broad.

While I envision your centerpieces using unconventional vases, to give the "lab" feel to your tables, and cute little favors that you can present in test tubes, to give once again the overall feel of a lab, you may be thinking about something completely different.

Maybe you are thinking about the theme from a perfect chemistry perspective, if so, there you can play a little with the story between you and your husband to be.

I have presented you here some quick ideas, but I am not sure if they will serve you, as I feel your theme needs to be specified and explored a little bit further.

Write us back, we love to help!

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