How does he put my ring on if I have gloves on?

We want to have a 1940's wedding but I am confused as to how we will do the ring if I'm wearing long satin gloves, any ideas?

And my answer...

Dear Bride:

You have a very valid point when asking this question.

If you will be wearing short gloves, the task will be "easy", as you will just hand them to your maid of honor when you hand her your bouquet once you make it to the altar.

She will return them to you at a proper time.

But long stylish satin gloves become a bride's nightmare if they do not plan in advance.

Many bridal gloves, have a slit on the ring finger so you do not have to take of the glove at all.

If you already have your gloves and they do not have the removable ring finger, you can achieve the same effect by doing the following.

Take them to a seamstress and explain the situation.

She will have to cut a perpendicular to the seam, across the seam to the base of your finger.

This cut will serve as the way to get your finger out of the glove.

I am recommending you to take it to a seamstress and not to do it yourself, because satin is a beautiful but tricky fabric to work with.

Remember, no one will see this side of the glove, so cutting it is OK!

Hope this helps!

And come back and show as all your pictures, favors or whatever you want to share about your wedding planning experience or wedding day!


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