How do I make this cupcake tree?

by Bethany McConnell
(Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

Cupcake Wedding Cake

Cupcake Wedding Cake

I saw this picture of a cupcake wedding cake on your site and me and my fiancé LOVE it. It is a very original and different idea.

But....I can't figure out how they put the flowers on it. Extra tiers? Glue? If you could shed any light that would be great :) thanks


This is the wonderful work of Yummy Piece of Cake in the Philippines.

For this particular design they used a tall tier cupcake stand, floral foam and ribbon to decorate the tier sides.

You can see them in action preparing a metal cupcake tree for a wedding in this page:

Wedding Cupcake Tower Set Up

There you will see pictures of the cupcake stand being set up and some tips so you can recreate the look if you are a DIY bride.

Have fun creating your own cupcake tower!


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