How could I find employment as a vintage wedding planner?

by Victoria
(New york)


Love your site and the idea of creating a theme wedding of another era. I
personally would like to do that when my wedding takes place in the future.
However, I am writing to you to ask how I could work for a company that arranges such weddings(vintage) and if you have any advice as to how I could find employment as a wedding planner of this niche. I live in New York.
Thanks so much!

And my answer...

I am really thrilled to know that you would like to pursue a career in wedding planning.
It's though detailed work but is really a lot of fun if this is what you love doing!
I am not aware if you have some kind of education when it comes to wedding planning, or if you are just trying to get a job in the industry without any prior formation or experience.
I don't consider that taking a wedding planning course is 100% necessary, but I do consider that it could be beneficial just to get in touch in touch with professionals and research on the subject.
This is what I would do if I was you, no matter what your situation or education is, if I am looking to break in the wedding planning field.

*Do a little research and get in touch with wedding planning, or event planning companies in your area.

* Ask if they are hiring or if they have any positions open.

* Chances are, if you do not have any prior experience, that you won't be able to qualify for a job as a planner right away. Try to get a position that will let you be in touch with the industry, maybe as a receptionist, believe me , you can learn a lot this way!!

* If there are no positions available, try to get in touch with one of the planners on that company.
Present yourself in a professional but friendly manner, and ask if it is possible for you to get a tour, internship, or even if this planner would mind being interviewed by you, so you could ask a professional on a 1 on 1 basis.

* If you do get in touch with a planner, be ready with your questions, and take this opportunity as you would with any interview. Have a business card ready (you can print this at home). You know why, because they may not have anything open right now, but tomorrow that planner may remember you and say... oh yes a few weeks ago I met this girl, who was really interested in working for us... (You never know).

*In your spare time, read read read about vintage weddings, wedding supplies, etc!!
Get familiar with the professionals and prices for different items and services in your area (no you don't have to know them personally, but it will be easier for you to quote an event if you are familiar with providers and prices)
You can make this your strong point in an interview.

*And last but not least be a people's person!!
Planning a wedding is exhausting for any bride, and you are going to be their shoulder to cry on if they need to, but you are also going to be the person the couple can easily hate if something doesn't go as planned...

Hope this helps!

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