Homemade Wedding Favors
DIY Favors and Save Money

Original and Unique Ideas to Personalize your Wedding Gifts

DIY homemade wedding favors are on the rise. It is easy to see why many brides decide to make their own wedding favors.

If you are looking for a unique and original piece to give to your guests to remember your very special day, getting crafty and making your own favors can be the solution. There are hundreds of options if you decide to make your own favors and personalize your event even more.

I am sure you have fell in love with some apothecary jars, infuser bottles or sheer organza bags, but what do you fill them with? If you want something extra special and homemade instead of some candy or coated almonds, you will find what you need in our recipes and crafts.

From edible homemade wedding favors, to the practical or fun ones, you are going to have tons of fun deciding on the perfect favor to give. And you can also spend tons of quality time with your loved ones if you decide to recruit them for some help on your project.

So take a look at all of our DIY wedding favors and pick one or more to make. Get the materials you need, call your girls and plan out an afternoon or night of quality time with friends and make your very own unique piece of love to give to your guests.

Some of the crafts and recipes can be done for other occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. I will be adding new projects regularly so bookmark this page and tell your friends about it.

And then come back and share your creation and ideas with other brides or get even more tips and ideas for your theme.
Happy crafting!

Tarragon Vinegar
Port Wine Jelly
Shiraz Wine Jelly
Whisky Marmalade
Peaches In Brandy
Chunky Apple Sauce

When making your own wedding favors presentation is key. You should always have boxes for edible gifts.

homemade wedding favors, cookie box

A cookie basket is ideal for cookies or mini cakes. The box/basket will give an elegant finish and you can personalize it by sealing it with a monogrammed sticker of your initials.

homemade wedding favors, silver  favor box

Silver is a color that goes well with almost any theme. A festive mini candies box can house in mini candies, jelly beans, almonds, or mini chocolates and it can be sealed with a cute ribbon.

You can also use a monogrammed clear box or a mini cake brown box for your own baked mini cakes or cupcakes.

Soaps are also very popular favors that you can make by yourself at the privacy of your home.

There are many soaps available in the market, which you can easily buy, like the favors shown below. If you are looking for a personal touch and to get the scent and design you want, you can always make your own "(keep on reading to learn how).

homemade wedding favors, heart soap

Heart Shaped Scented Soap

homemade wedding favors, pink heart soap

Heart Shaped Clear Scented Soap

This clear soap is very feminine and can be used in any themed wedding.

homemade wedding favors, rose soap

Lavender Rose Soap

This lovely soap is best to give in a rose theme wedding and garden wedding. You can mold this and pack with a confetti of the same scent to make a lovely impression to your guests.

homemade wedding favor, leaf soap

Seasonal Soap

Theme soaps like this are ideal for seasonal weddings. A leaf shaped soap is great for autumn. Other options are pumpkin shapes for fall, flowers for a summer wedding and furit shapes for spring.

If you have no idea on how to make your homemade wedding favors here is a little hint. Making soaps only requires some time and molds, that is it. Melt and pour soap bases make it super easy for you to make your homemade wedding favors with no experience!

There are hundreds of books and dvd's showing you the how to's. It can actually be teh start of a whole new hobby for you. Enjoy your project!

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