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Beautify your Garden for your Theme Wedding

A home garden wedding is a beautiful way to celebrate your union. Planning and holding your home garden wedding is not difficult at all.

It can also be a very affordable way to celebrate your wedding, due that you won’t be renting out a venue.
There are some things that your can do to prepare your garden for your day.

The Weather

Please be ready to accommodate your guests no matter what the weather looks like on your wedding day.
Setting up a tent where you can have your menu served it is a really good idea.

Also if you live in a rural area make sure to place signs where needed so your guests can arrive to your celebration promptly and with no hassles.

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The Ceremony

Many couples have their ceremony right at home, in the garden.
You can set up a trellis or gazebo where your wedding ceremony could be performed.
If you have a big garden you may even count with the natural shade of trees, an ideal place to exchange your vows.

With that being said, please take a good look at your home garden before setting up.
You want to be aware of sunny or shady areas in order to set up your ceremony or party at the right spot.

Give your Home Garden Wedding a Theme

You can truly personalize your celebration by choosing a wedding theme.

Building your decorations and set up around a theme will also make it easier to create an overall look.
The fun of choosing a wedding theme is that more than likely there is already a theme going on in your garden that you could work with.
Your garden may have an specific flower or something that makes it special.

All that you need to do is pay attention and enhance that feature.
For example if you have roses in your garden, decorate with them to create a uniform effect.
Use them in your centerpiece and favors.

Or maybe your garden is known to be the home of birds, butterflies, rabbits, etc.
Get creative and enhance that.

If you are not sure, at least decide a wedding color.
Once you have a color chosen you can work everything else based on it. From your decorations, flowers and cake,
Using a color or color palette will help you create a uniform and elegant effect that will translate on a beautiful celebration...

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