Hollywood Glamour Wedding Theme
The silver screen comes alive for your day
A vintage wedding theme with personality

A Hollywood glamour wedding theme is a unique and fun way to celebrate your marriage.

The silver screen, movie magic being born and sultry sirens come to mind when picturing this award winning celebration. Are you game for a night of cocktails , music and glamour?

Your colors and your venue

You will want to recreate all the glamour of Hollywood in the golden era, so this theme will have somehow a very rich vintage look. Your main color s are going to be black and with , adding touches of red and gold to sparkle up your award winning look.

You will have to celebrate indoors preferably. And old theater or historic hotel are perfect for the occasion. But you can recreate the proper environment in almost any wedding hall with some orientation to detail…

Setting The Stage

Table linen will be in traditional white, if your celebration is during the daytime. However if you decide to celebrate your Hollywood glamour wedding theme in the evening you can go for a bolder look, using black or red linen.

Go for sophisticated flower arrangements. By this I do not mean expensive by any means. I am just saying that you should create a great look and using your flowers is a great to do so in a very elegant way. So you can use flowers in your main colors in different tables, for example one table will have a pure red flower arrangements , while the one next to it will have the same type of arrangement with white flowers.

Add some tea lights surrounding, or framing the arrangement to recreate the look of the old days on your settings.

Having Fun with Wedding Activities

Receiving your guests to this theme is one of the parts of the celebration where you can really make an impact.

Roll out a red carpet and place some clapboard decorations , you can even have some of your friends play paparazzi and take some fun shots of your guests arriving and walking down the red carpet.

Hiring impersonators is also big with this theme. Marilyn Monroe and Charles Chaplin are favorites to set the atmosphere.

Another great way to set the entrance is by using some paparazzi props. There are many ways to just make a Hollywood glamour wedding theme your own, so just get creative.

Dressing the part

Your dress needs to inspire and wow everyone. Dresses with a vintage appeal are ideal for the occasion but also dresses with bead applications or a satin dress are also perfect. It all depends on what kind of look you want to sport on your wedding.

Any gown can be accessorized to fit the vintage look of the golden era of tinsel town. Hair accessories, especially hair bands, go up to par with the celebration. And speaking of hair bands, think of those with feathers or flowers in it. Another great option are flower hair clips, bird cage veils and Juliet caps.

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