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A Hollywood glamour theme is chosen by many couples who want an original theme. Many times it takes the form of a vintage theme, reminiscence of the 1920s and the glory of silent movie making days.

But Nicole and Anthony decided that they wanted a modern Hollywood glamour environment for their celebration and they surpassed everyone’s expectations by doing so.

hollywood glamour wedding theme, indoors wedding ceremony

They got married in a beautiful indoors ceremony. If you take a close look at the photo you will see that the color palette was vibrant and summery. Coral shades were complemented by the always useful and bridal classic white.

Rose petals in their color scheme were scattered only at the aisle outer edges creating a colorful frame to the white runner.

hollywood glamour wedding theme, married couple

The bridesmaid wore dresses in a vivacious coral pink shade, while the groomsman meant business with their sunglasses and caps. They truly looked like if they were ready to arrive to a movie premiere!

hollywood glamour wedding theme, wedding red carpet

The couple hosted their reception at a Four Season’s hotel in California. Just like in any Hollywood event, the red carpet awaited them at their arrival. Everyone posed and had fun taking great wedding pictures like in the best movie premieres!

hollywood glamour wedding theme, ice sculpture

The bar presented an amazing ice sculpture with the couple’s names engraved in it. It was a great way to personalize their Hollywood glamour wedding theme and give it a touch of those details that make your event “exclusive”.

hollywood glamour wedding theme, wedding reception, table settings, table arrangements

At the reception hall the ambience was exquisite. Gold colored chairs were elegantly hugged with white chair sashes. The lightning played a tremendous role enhancing the venue look. Tall floral centerpieces in the couple’s wedding colors were present at each table.

hollywood glamour wedding theme, just married couple

Photos Courtesy of Azzura Photography

This playful couple took wedding pictures outside the reception hall holding wooden signs with the words “Just Married”. Note also that Nicole changed into a short dress that had a very special “Hollywood” vibe, as it was given to her as a present by her good friend Kim Kardashian.

Nicole and Anthony had a blast at their Hollywood glamour wedding theme. They truly stole the spotlights with their fun, trendy and modern approach to a theme that is many times vintage.

I think that one of the best wedding ideas they had to break away from the traditionality theme was to use vibrant color in their palette. And they use it in very few specific items within their decorations to create a romantic and elegant atmosphere.

This couple knew how to make an entrance. The red carpet idea is being embraced by many couples nowadays. Other takes on the same concept is to use a great themed related arch at your venue. If you are a DIY bride you can use a theme setter to help you achieve the look.

For this theme you will be able to find different sort of standees and props to create the illusion of a movie premiere. You can utilize paparazzi standees, Oscar related props and more.

The “Just married” signs are also a very easy to achieve project for any type of wedding. Simply paint 2 pieces of wooden boards and paint down the words in a different color once the base color is dry.

You can use other color combinations, such as red and gold, black and gold, white and silver and many more. Just use your own wedding colors to fit your theme.

Have fun implementing these tips and ideas when planning your own celebration!

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