Hawaiian Themed Wedding


My fiance and I are planning a Hawaiian theme wedding.

Just a brief on us - We are Roman Catholics from Goa, India. We will be having a church wedding (indoors) with a reception at a beach resort and we are planning of incorporating the Hawaiian theme for the entire celebration - starting from the bachelors / bacheloratte party, nuptial, reception and after-wedding party (that happens the next day of the wedding)

Could you please suggest a few ideas for the same?



Dear Charmaine:

A hawaiian wedding theme is always fun and usually celebrated with a bright summery color palette.
Reds, orange, yellow, purple and/or gold are sure to make part of your wedding colors.

Exotic flowers like birds of paradise, orchids and/or hibiscus are favorites for the theme.
You can use them for inspiration and decorations.

Include them in your bouquet, centerpieces and even as part of your wedding invitation design.

Distributing leis for your guests or even as part of your wedding ceremony is also a great way to embrace the Hawaiian theme.

You mention that your celebration will take place a beach wedding resort, which is perfect for the occasion.

Beach tiki torches can be incorporated in your decorations.

For your wedding food think about sea food and tropical fruits such as pineapple and mango.
A great way to personalize your wedding is to serve a special wedding cocktail of your preference.

Once again think about fruity refreshing cocktails to embrace the theme.

Make sure to check our beach wedding ideas pages to find inspiration and see pictures of real life couples who had tropical or Hawaiian theme weddings.

Congratulations on your nuptials!


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