Hanging Flower Decorations

10 Unique Ideas to Have Hanging Flower Decorations at your Wedding

Hanging flower decorations are a unique and sweet idea to include precious plants in a very original way at your celebration.

Flowers and weddings go hand in hand, but instead of displaying them in a traditional way, you can use and maximize your decoration space having gravity as your best friend.

There are thousands of ways to include the hanging flowers into your day. Here are some ideas and inspiration for your own planning.

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hanging wedding flowers, wedding decorations

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hanging flower decorations, diy flower chandelier

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Hanging Flower decorations

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Hanging Flower Decorations

As you are witnessing in these beautiful pictures, there are many ways to include suspended decor to your day.

Many of these ideas can be duplicated and even diy brides can embark in fun projects to create this amazing decor. Remember that you can also use paper flowers in most of these projects.

Using paper flowers will allow to work on your decor way in advance to your event.

Some ideas to spark your creativity are:

  • Hanging flowers in your wedding arch
  • Hang flower curtains  and/or garlands
  • Suspended centerpieces
  • Flower backgrounds
  • Cascading tiers, to accommodate drinks, cakes or cupcakes
  • Photo ops by a cascading flower wall
  • and much more

Here is some Insta inspiration:

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