Halloween Wedding Cakes

Ghoulish and Sweet Delights
Fun and Spooky Tiered Cake

Halloween wedding cakes let your imagination run wild. Your wedding theme is a fun one, and your cake design will embrace the Holiday spirit, too.

More than likely your Halloween wedding theme may have a sub-theme, even if you do not know it. It may involve your decorations, your colors or style. For example you can have a Halloween theme with ghostly d├ęcor, a pumpkin patch theme, a haunted mansion, a graveyard, etc. So choose carefully when deciding on the overall look of your cake to make it match your theme perfectly.

Pumpkins and Friendly Ghosts

halloween wedding cakes

Pumpkins and ghosts are the main theme for this design. Vibrant oranges and purples make this beauty an eye-catching original. Also note how the tiers are held by the pumpkins. Truly beautiful.

Haunted House

halloween wedding cakes, tiered cake, haunted mansion cake

A haunted mansion is always an appealing concept for a Halloween wedding theme, and these cakes are a perfect fit. Whether you get inspired to have a cake in the shape of a haunted house, or you decide to use a unique cake topper to embrace the concept, you cannot go wrong.

halloween wedding cakes, fall theme cakes

The second model features a base of cupcakes surrounding the first tier. If you use this idea, you can even use cupcakes as wedding favors. You can place them on the same table as your wedding cake to create a spectacular sweet buffet where the tiered cake is the main star.

Other figures that can fit your day will be crows, skulls, crosses, cats, bats, and many more. Just find what you like best for the event and implement your ideas to create a gorgeous cake for your day.

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