Halloween Theme Wedding

A Fun and Unique Theme

Celebrate in an Original Way

A Halloween theme wedding is a fun and original event. While some brides are reluctant to the whole idea of celebrating their union with a non-conventional theme, those who choose Halloween as the backdrop for their event truly have a blast.

It is original and creative. And you are sure to have one of those weddings that everyone will remember and talk about for years to come

Halloween Wedding Theme Colors

The traditional colors for this theme are black and orange. However, the color combination options are vast, depending on what kind of vibe you want your theme to have.

While some couples base their Halloween theme wedding on the holiday, some others give the theme their own spin. For example, some couples have decided to center their event on the popular vampire or Goth wedding theme,  so their main colors are black, red and white to create some contrast.

But if you base your theme on a witch hunt or the always favorite A Nightmare Before Christmas (based on the Tim Burton movie), your colors will be black, some yellow and purple instead.

Ideas to Fit Any Halloween Theme Wedding

You can use a fog machine to create a spooky atmosphere at your venue just before or while you enter the reception hall.

Use black linen on your tables. You can use a centerpiece made with candles to give your Halloween theme a gothic, romantic look. Another idea for your centerpieces is to place some small pumpkins on your table. It is a really easy centerpiece to put together and one that fits the theme perfectly.

If you love the idea of a floral arrangement, go for it! Just use red flowers for it. Some ways to accentuate the theme are to place a fake bird, maybe an owl or crow, with them that will fit the occasion. You can also add these fake birds to the pumpkin arrangement as an alternative.

Your Wedding Cake

halloweeen theme wedding, pumpkin mini cakes, halloween mini cakes

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Do not forget to have a wedding cake that fits the theme. Halloween wedding cakes are truly fun and unique; you just need to find the one that represents you and your theme the best. Some couples have gone with two cakes instead of one. For example, a classy tiered cake and a custom-made spider groom cake.

Also consider having a fun cupcake tower instead of the traditional wedding cake, or mini cakes served to your guests.
Make it fun and unique!

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