Halloween Cupcakes

Trick or Treat  for These  Wonderful Sweets!
Original and Fun Designs

Halloween cupcakes are a fun and original option for your Halloween theme wedding. An excellent option instead of a Halloween wedding cake, having cupcakes makes your reception more fun and less structured.

You are a bride that decided to have an unconventional wedding theme, and also having an original wedding cake is definitely for you. From ghosts, black cats, to pumpkins and bats, in beautiful eye-catching colors like orange, green, yellow and purple, you are sure to create a fun atmosphere.
A great way to make these cupcakes stand out is by presenting them in theme-related cupcake towers. You can also include them as part of a candy buffet which will truly make a wonderful picture spot at your venue.

Also, it is absolutely fair to give the cupcakes out as wedding favors. And consider the many options you have as cupcake toppers. A simple colorful frosted design can turn into a work of art with the proper topper.

Because you know when it comes to fall wedding themes, Halloween designs are truly the most unique. Take a look at these scary sweet and friendly creations.

Pumpkin Designs

halloween cupcakes, pumpkin cupcake tower, wedding  cupcakes

Here you can see how to take on the same theme in two very different ways. The first picture shows you green frosted cupcakes with a pumpkin design topper, giving the look of a pumpkin patch.

The second one shows you simple green frosted Halloween cupcakes, while the pumpkin design is represented through the themed cupcake tower.

Purple Graveyards

halloween cupcakes, purple cupcakes, haunted mansion cupcake tower, wedding cupcakes
halloween cupcakes, purple cupcakes, skull cupcake tower, wedding cupcakes

While both cupcake towers display the same purple frosted cupcakes, they are so different that they give a completely unique look to the setting.

Also, take notice as to how the cupcake wrapper color can create and give depth to the display. Take that tip into account to match up the theme even more with your wedding colors.

Friendly Ghost Halloween Cupcakes

halloween cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes, wedding cupcakes, ghosts cupcakes
halloween cupcakes, ghosts cupcakes, wedding cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes are a guilty pleasure, and these will fit your Halloween theme wedding! In the next picture see how the same toppers were used, but the cupcakes look really eye-catching with green frosting instead.

Mixing it up

halloween cupcakes, ghosts cupcakes, wedding cupcakes

You do not have to stick to one figure. This fun design includes different Halloween figures in different tiers. Pumpkins, ghosts and tombstones are combined to create a fun look.

Also consider other Halloween classic figures for your toppers such as skulls, moons and bats. Get creative and have fun!

Photos courtesy of ? 2008 Wilton Industries, Inc.

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