Green Wedding Theme

Warm, Fresh, and Earthly Theme for a New Beginning!

A green wedding theme is appropriate for any season.
Green represents nature and it is always a refreshing and clean color.

This color also signifies all things healthy, growing and fertile. Choosing green for your wedding theme gives a feeling of brightness and modernity.

green wedding theme, wedding decorations

I love green flowers! When you look at them, they have this unique look that only they can give. Take, for example, green petunias, Anastasia spiders, Florida hop bush, green hydrangeas, chrysanthemum buttons and green roses (chartreuse roses). They look amazing and will always leave you wanting more!

Green Wedding Theme Table Setting and Decor

green wedding theme, summer floral arrangement, wedding centerpiece

A pink and green wedding theme palette is winning its way into brides’ hearts for a summer wedding.

The soft hues of this palette gives you the excitement of going for a completely calm combo, and mixes easily with colors that have splashes of vibrant tones. It is also a romantic color of summer that when mixed with other pastel colored flowers, exudes an absolutely charismatic sense of unfussy fun.

Mini florals favor decorations surround a tall centerpiece that grabs attention by its height and color contrast to the green in the table setting.

green wedding theme, wedding table setting

An equally beautiful palette is any shade of green paired with some beautifully patterned black and white to convey an ever-elegant wedding. Black is always a symbol of class. Pairing it with the fresh and fun hues of green makes it perfect for your elegant personality.

This palette can be used in both an indoor or outdoor evening affair. A great idea to combine colors and give an extra touch of glamour is simply created by presenting the colors with classic patterns.

Polka dots, asymmetrical lines, plaids and the always sophisticated damask pattern are musts in the bridal planning world.

Of course brides can choose from a wealth of ideas when it comes to pairing green with other colors. A purple and green palette, for example, instills a faint sense of mystery, and settling back to an olive green invites some super-chic pairings like bronze and gold.

An asparagus, pistachio, or warm green and white color palette is best for your winter wedding as the different shades of green liven up the cold weather of the season.

So, which dazzling shade of green are you? Choose now and let your environment-loving personality show!

Photos Courtesy of Azzura Photography

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