Goth Elegant Theme

by Charity Maxson
(Union City OH USA)

goth wedding cake, goth  theme, halloween wedding cake

goth wedding cake, goth theme, halloween wedding cake

goth wedding cake, goth  theme, halloween wedding cake
goth  cake, goth g theme, halloween wedding cake
goth wedding cake, goth weding theme, halloween event cake
goth wedding cake, goth theme, halloween cake

My fiancé wants a gothic theme event which doesn't bother me because I am a bit gothic but not as much as he is. He has also been married before and didn't get any say in his first wedding and thought it was hideous.

I want us to both get the celebration we want but I've never been married before and I want an elegant wedding. I've never been married and I want this to go perfect for the both of us!

Is there any way we can combined elegance and gothic and still have the perfect wedding? Also my family is very religious so I don't think that they would be too thrilled about the whole gothic theme which shouldn't matter because it's our day and not theirs but I can't help feeling that I don't want to disappoint my family.

I do want a bit of a gothic theme but still elegance so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you
Charity Maxson

PS: these are a couple of the cakes that my fiancé and I like to give you an idea there is one that I like a lot more than the rest. PLEASE HELP! And our colors are black and red.


Against popular belief, a Goth theme and an elegant theme can go hand in hand. Everything resides in balancing the details. You can have an extremely elegant event which is also Goth taking proper care of the colors and decorations on your day.

I see you have decided your colors, so stick to your palette to create the celebration you want. Talk with your fiancé and between both of you decide on what you want from your celebration. It is wonderful that he is involved in the process!

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Regarding the family: you are right, it is your day, and you may want to have a talk with your loved ones before hand, so they are not surprised or disappointed by your theme. As long as you let them know that this is what you both want and make you happy, it shouldn’t be a problem.

The cakes are all beautiful. As a matter of fact, a good “trick” is to imitate the look of the cake on your decorations. For example if you will choose cake number 2 with the skulls on top. I would try to replicate the look on the tables, at least black linen with some spider web overlay, or base for your centerpiece.

And for your centerpiece in that case, I will use a floral arrangement with red flowers, and maybe even a couple of black feathers or beads to contrast the red. You can even use red anemones, as they could be found in red and naturally have a black center.

As for stationery, you may want to use some handwritten font, which gives this vintage retro and Goth feeling.

And also take a look at this video by celebrity wedding planner David Tutera for more ideas and tips.

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