What about a gold wedding theme?
For the bride that wants it all!

A gold wedding theme... Since you were a child you have been in love with this precious metal.

A sign of prosperity and opulence for many cultures it has been part of bridal traditions for centuries.

A sign of prosperity and opulence for many cultures, it has been part of bridal traditions for centuries.

So placing it at center stage for your wedding day is more than appropriate.

This theme is excellent whether you have an indoor or outdoor celebration. It also accommodates Hindu wedding themes, Oriental wedding themes and fairytale weddings.

The Colors...

This color goes great alone or combined with almost any other color. If you decide to go with pure gold all the way just be careful and don't overdo it.

If you want to use another color along with gold for your wedding, consider first if you want to complement the gold or if you want to create contrast.

The most popular combinations are created when centering your celebration around:

* Brown and gold (Chocolate theme weddings)

* Red ad gold ( Oriental, Romantic and Hindu Weddings)

* Pink and gold (Fairy tale weddings)

* Blue and gold (Beach wedding theme and Fairy tale weddings)

* Purple and gold (gaining popularity with the edgier brides)

These are the most popular options but this color can be matched with pretty much any other one.

The Scene

If you have an aisle runner at your ceremony, you could have it spray painted with gold designs.

Place chair covers and tablecloths in this color, or use the white chair covers and tie a silk gold ribbon around them to set the mood.

Have gold charms placed on your glasses. If you decide to have a floral arrangement as your centerpiece, you have many possibilities.

You can have the flowers dyed to match the theme, or choose flowers in a contrasting color if you are going with a color combination.

You could also have some of the flowers sprayed with a little gold paint only at the end of the petals.

Another idea could be having a fruit arrangement spray painted in gold instead of a flower arrangement. Consider this one if you are planning your wedding outdoors as a garden celebration.

One of my favorites consists of having a tray of cupcakes decorated with fantasy jewelry or charms as a centerpiece. This tip could be also useful if you decide to go with a non-conventional cake.

Just have one small cake to cut with your groom and your guests can help themselves to one of the cupcakes on the table instead of the traditional piece of cake.

Dressing the Part

There's no specific dress style for a gold wedding theme, just add some kind of gold detail to your attire. From a wedding dress with a gold sash, a tiara, a brooch to just your jewelry, make sure you have some golden touch to go with the theme.

If you want to incorporate the gold wedding theme into the dress itself, look for a gown with gold embroidered details or crystal beads.

Check these current Ebay listings for gold wedding supplies.

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