A Garden Wedding Theme
Love Enchantment

A garden wedding theme will capture the scent representing your love in a very original celebration.

Love the outdoors and nature? This theme is truly for you...

This theme is easy to pull together, no problems other than any concerns about the weather.

Being an outdoor celebration, that should be the only thing you have to worry about.

A garden wedding theme is a romantic and delicate theme that truly has love written all over it. Let’s get started!

The Venue

This is one of those wedding themes where if you get the perfect venue, 80% percent of your work is done.

Aim for a venue with the great outdoors. A hotel or reception hall with lots of greenery will do the trick. But think outside the box when researching for your venue; a botanic garden or more non-traditional venues are suitable as well.

Remember that the better you picture yourself and your vision for your garden wedding theme in the venue, the easier it will be to bring the theme to life.

The Small Details

Like with any wedding theme, the small details are those that truly count.

Set up your tables outdoors with white linen and maybe a complementary color. You may use any color you like; there are no restrictions here as you will try to create a garden feeling.

The option is truly yours. You can choose to work with different flowers of the same color or have a multicolored garden look.

For a fun and playful theme, the multicolored option is ideal. Is very summery and creates a great palette.

If you are going with a more formal or elegant look, choose only one color, two at most.

Wedding Cake Garden Style

There are several designs you can choose for a garden theme wedding cake.

A cake decorated with fresh flowers fits the theme, but also simple designs or cakes decorated with butterflies are ideal.

For a modern twist, many brides are opting for cupcake towers instead of the traditional tiered cake.

Let your imagination run wild and create an enchanting outdoor wedding for your celebration.

garden theme wedding cupcakes

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