A Garden Wedding Ceremony

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A garden wedding ceremony takes a little planning in advance.

Whether you decide to give your garden wedding a theme, or you just decide to have your ceremony in the garden, there are some simple rules that you should follow.

But let’s focus on the ceremony and some ideas for your event.

garden wedding ceremony ideas

The Venue

Locating your wedding venue should take a little planning.
Hotels or venues with lots of greenery make great options.

There are some venues that are out of the norm but serve the theme and have a breathtaking backdrop for your ceremony, such as botanical gardens and/or state parks or reserves.

Another great option is your own house or a relative’s house if you think it will be big enough for the quantity of guests you will have.

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The Perfect Spot

Choosing your garden wedding ceremony location can be a tricky task if you are not truly aware of how the garden is set up.

Always pay a visit to the venue to know where the shady or bright spots are located before your ceremony.

Is there a big tree that provides shade? That could be the perfect spot for your ceremony.
If not, you may decide to set up a trellis or gazebo  Will you be placing chairs for your guests?

How will you position them?

These are things that you need to think of in advance so you have no surprises when it comes to planning.

garden wedding ceremony
garden wedding ceremony, rustic wedding ceremony setting

The Back Up Plan

Outdoor weddings and Mother Nature sometimes don’t get along.
But you are a bride that is submerged in every detail of your wedding.

With that being said, please plan for the worst; which, for this type of wedding, could be weather.
Elements like tents, fans and parasols are never a bad thing at outdoor or summer weddings.

They can even become part of your decorations, and are always good to have around.
Remember that not all of us react the same way to circumstances.

So while you are completely fine with being under the sun for four hours, your little cousin may not be.
And having some type of roofing just in case it rains is not a bad idea, either.

So think about how you and your guests will be able to have some type of shelter if the weather is something that they cannot deal with for too long.

The ceremony

While having a garden wedding ceremony is one of the most romantic themes, there are some tips you can follow to make it extra special.

Setting up a platform where the ceremony takes place is a good idea so all of your guests can see when you exchange your vows.

Using a Personalized White Pearl Unity Candle  during the ceremony is a very romantic way to seal your love as well, as you can easily include this in your celebration.

Another beautiful and creative idea you can definitely use is including a butterfly or dove release once the ceremony is over.
Also consider a seed throw instead of the traditional rice when you walk the aisle for the first time as husband and wife.

And for your favors—go green. Place a Bucket with Seed Favors out for your guests to grab and take home.

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