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Want a fresh fruit table centerpiece?

The use of fresh fruit as centerpieces has been known since medieval times. Using only one type of fruit, or combining different kinds, can help you achieve a unique arrangement for your wedding day.

Apples, oranges, pineapple, cherries, strawberries, bananas, mango, all or some of them can be used in arrangements.

Cutting fruits in different shapes is an art pursued by many chefs. Some creations are simply amazing.

Whether you choose simple or wild combinations of colors and shapes, or you decide to use other elements along with the fruits to make a theme-oriented centerpiece, the variations are endless.

Finding the Perfect Fruit

You know you want a fresh fruit centerpiece, but you may have not decided yet which fruits to use, or how to display them.

For an affordable wedding centerpiece, try to use seasonal fruits in complementary colors for your wedding day. For example, your wedding colors may be crimson reds and purples, so you may want to use cherries in your arrangement.

Sounds great but it will be very difficult and/or expensive if your wedding occurs in a time of the year when there are no cherries available.

So just like when selecting your wedding flowers, keep it in season and you will also be able to keep it within budget.

Classic Combinations

There are many ways to present a fresh fruit table centerpiece. One of the best known techniques is to simply place your fruits on a tray and this will act as your centerpiece. This works extremely well for any summer, garden, beach or tropical theme.

fresh fruit table centerpiece, tropical fruits centerpiece

But you can also focus your centerpiece on one fruit alone. Among brides’ favorites are oranges, lemons, apples and berries.

How you display the fruits can make a big difference on the resulting arrangement.

Fruits can be presented as a whole or cut up. You can place them inside vases, baskets, bowls and even cupcake towers. A cheap wedding centerpiece is doable, especially when you let your imagination take over and create a unique piece of your own!

fresh fruit table centerpiece, citrus centerpiece, lemon wedding centerpiece

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