A Fourth of July Wedding Theme.
Sparkle up your Wedding

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A Fourth of July Wedding Theme.

Sparkle up an all American celebration just for your wedding! Is your style a patriotic style?

And how do you pull it off?

Let's stop the talking and start the planning!

Setting the scene

4th of july Old Glory Bunting flag

A fourth of July wedding theme calls for traditional colors and all American fun!

The traditional colors are red, white and blue. But you can add a splash of silver or gold to complement them.

Just put them in the mix, but do not overdo it!

For example, if you want to have floral arrangements present, you may want to use red or white flowers in them.

So use these complementary colors in details like this only, not all over the place. You get the idea.

If your venue permits, hang some bunting flags to decorate the American way.

If you want to set the theme even more, receive your guests by letting them walk through a Patriotic star arch

So, What Should you Wear?

Hmmm, what kind of dress should you wear for a Fourth of July wedding theme? I will say a dress that is reminiscent of the good old days. A dress with a touch of Americana style, but still classy and elegant. To go with the theme, make sure your wedding dress has some type of red or blue detailing; maybe a sash or some embroidery.

My ideal pick? A gorgeous wedding dress with a color-customized trim. (Customizing is the key word—just choose the right color for the theme.)

You could also incorporate the theme into your jewelry or be a daring bride and wear red or blue shoes.

And for those really daring brides, you should consider this unique and gorgeous Great American Wedding Gown!

4th of july wedding gown, fourth of july wedding dress

Let's Talk About Food!

Incorporate the theme on your menu by serving a signature drink. You guessed it—this drink should be either blue (any Curacao or blueberry-based drink) or red (strawberry or cherry-based drink).

You can even have two signature drinks, one named after you and one named after your hubby.

Going with the American tradition, you could also serve punch or colored lemonade. You can have this one served in pitchers at every table.

And Last but not Least...

If your celebration runs into the evening or night, by now you know you have to have sparklers!

Sparklers are a must on a 4th of July Wedding.

You could also plan a little firework show.

Your guests will love to take home an unconventional favor.

* Personalized M&M’S® Wedding Favors – custom printed words, faces and colors. Order now.

* Star" Bottle Stopper in Showcase Display Box Have fun with this theme, and send us your comments or pictures!

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