Flower Hair Accessories

Flower Hair Accessories

Hair accessories can help you create a romantic elegant look in seconds. There are thousands of styles, materials and colors to choose from.

They will all accentuate your mane and give you that extra especial detail that you should wear on your wedding.

flower hair accessories

A classy chignon can be updated with a Couture vintage inspired beaded hair flower.

feather hair accessory
feather flower hair accessory

Gorgeous vintage wedding hair can be easily achieved with a feathered flower hair comb.

For an elegant theme you could wear your hair up, while for a more relaxed event wearing your hair down is a fun option.

Wearing your hair in a glamorized pony tail is always a great and easy option for DIY brides.

Long wedding hair styles can be simple, just like the bride in the picture above. She is simply wearing her straightened hair down and accentuating her make up and style with the big flower.

Note that the make up is simple and the hair goes playfully perfect with the cut of her dress.

flower hair accessories, purple hair flower

Your wedding day hair style can use some color too for a more dramatic look. A purple hair flower with a jeweled center can be the perfect match for a curly updo.

When choosing a vibrant colored hair accessory you need to be careful with your wedding jewelry. In this case less is more. Some tear drops pearl or Swarovski ear rings may be all you need to complete your look along with soft natural make up.

Photos Courtesy of Hair Comes The Bride.

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