Flamingo Themed Wedding Ideas

The best Flamingo Themed Wedding Ideas can be found here.  If you want a summer celebration that is fun and full of elegant but original details, the flamingo theme may be just what you are looking for.

This theme is ideal for summer, beach, tropical and bird inspired events. There are many color schemes combinations you can work with to find the ideal palette for your celebration.

Let's take a look at the essential items and ideas that will help you plan your own wedding celebration.

Flamingo Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitation is the first item that your guests will get and will let them have a little idea of what to expect the day of your event.

Invites with flamingo designs are quite easily to find and I they come in different styles to match the vision that you have for your day.

Crafty  and savvy brides may choose to use a printable kit to make not only their own invitations but also other stationery items that will help them achieve a unified look at their day without breaking the bank.

Flamingo wedding invitation kit printable downloadable templates. Stationery set from www.glitzybubbly.com

If you just want to buy already printed invitations , here are some wonderful invites with a flamingo vibe

Flamingo Wedding Color Ideas

If you need help deciding what are the best color combinations for your flamingo themed wedding, here are some ideas:

  • Pink and gold
  • Teal and gold
  • Pink with black and white
  • Pink with gold and black
  • Pink and orange
  • Teal with black and white
  • Teal with gold and black
  • Coral and pink
  • Pink and yellow
  • Black and white

Flamingo Wedding Dress

Classy wedding dresses with flamingo styled accessories are perfect for your day.
Or you may wear something a little more fun, with feathers, or even in pink colors.

Here are some dresses that we love and that won't break the bank.

Flamingo Wedding Decorations

Remember that with this theme you can go as classy and simple as you want or completely overboard.

When you think about your decorations you also need to think carefully about the venue where you will be placing them.

Giant balloons, poms, garlands and lanterns are widely use nowadays in a variety of ways to help you achieve a classic yet colorful look.

Flamingo plastic yard sculptures are widely used at weddings, as they have multipurpose qualities.

You can see how in this wedding, these type of decorations were used to hold the colorful seating sign.

Flamingo themed wedding ideas. Flamingo seating sign

Photo by Chad Cress

You can also use them as aisle decorations, or place tons of them in the open for a great photo opp prop.

Ideas for the Bride

If you are wearing a traditional wedding dress, but would love to spice things up, here are a few ideas :

  • have some pink feathers incorporated in your bouquet.
  • Wear  a pair of hot pink shoes
  • Wear flamingo designed jewelry
  • Have a french mani in flamingo colors
  • Wear a pink sash
  • Wear a feather hair accessory

DIY Flamingo Feather Flower Bouquet

If you are making your own bouquet, here is a great video tutorial that will help you create your own bouquet with feather details.

Play it and follow along, you can use the flowees of your like and color to create the perfect bouquet for your day.

Flamingo Wedding Cake Ideas

Including flamingos as part of your wedding cake can be done in several ways.
You can use them as part of the design itself, through sugar figures, painting them on the cake or with external elements like figurines and cake toppers.

Take inspiration from these diverse flamingo tiered wedding cakes.

Flamingo wedding cake, vintage style in pink, blue and gold

Cake by choccywoccydoodah

flamingo tiered wedding cake in chalkboard

Cake by Amaesing cakes

Flamingo beach wedding tropical cake design

Cake by choccywoccydoodah

Flower Girl Ideas

You know that the flower girl is an adorable show stopper.  She should wear a dress that is pink, or has pink accents.

Tutu dresses, those with flowy skirts and/or petals or feather details are perfect for your celebration.
Here are some of our favorite picks.

Bridesmaid Ideas

Your girls can bring the flamingo theme to life with cute accessories and their dress selection for the day.
Flamingo rings, jewelry and/or feather hair accessories can help them bring the vibe and set the theme.

Ideas for the Groom

Your groom will be looking as handsome s ever on your wedding day. While some grooms go to the extent of wearing ties with flamingo designs, flamingo inspired boutonnieres and other items, here we will show you our favorite picks for a classic look that will match the celebration perfectly. 

I hope that you have found all the ideas, inspiration and pictures to plan your own flamingo themed wedding.
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