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Wedding bliss find couples in any season. Autumn wedding themes have that romantic special effect of the weather getting colder, leaves falling and you embracing the season.

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Decorations for a fall wedding vary depending on the overall look and theme of your celebration. While many couples embrace the classic color palette of the season, orange, brown and/or yellow, some others give other colors like lavender, soft greens and pink a place in the celebration.

Church decorations, and venue decor can be different but always keeping the same tone to create a uniform look during your day.

Consider items like flowers, signs, bottles, candles, and even burlap supplies as part of your fall wedding decoration ideas to create a unique look for your day.

Let's get started with some original themed ideas to get you inspired.

fall wedding decoration ideas

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Contrary to popular belief there are tons of outdoors fall weddings.

If you pay close attention to the picture you will discover many unique fall wedding decoration ideas that are easy enough to duplicate at your own event.

Start setting the table with a book pages table runner. A couple of old books had been set on top of it as part of the decor and on top of them you can see pillar candles in their candle holders.

As the table has been positioned underneath a tree, books had been hung to create a unique vintage and original ambiance.

Victorian inspired dish settings are adorned with a plant on top, inside a burlap bag that serves double duty as a place card and favor.

The floral arrangements are easy enough for any DIY bride. Pink, white and yellow flowers are simply placed inside the vases to give you the impression that they were just picked from the garden.

This is the perfect example of how the small details can bring together a fantastic look at your venue.

fall wedding decoration ideas

Image via Flickr

This outdoor autumn wedding theme has a very different table setting.

The color palette includes orange and deep red tones, and natural elements that remind you of the harvest season are present.

White linen is set on the tables, as well as white plates. The centerpiece becomes the focal point.

A tall wedding centerpiece made with fall leaves and apples on florist picks brings the season to life for a simple yet unique take for your day.

Apples are a popular item and some couples decide to make them the main theme of their celebration. An apple theme wedding is an original yet fun option for any season.

fall wedding decoration ideas

Image via Flickr

Who can forget about pumpkins when it comes to fall and Halloween season?

Placing some pumpkins along with stacks of hay and some flowers can bring that country side look to any venue. Decorating for a fall wedding is not difficult and long as you decide early on your planning what type of look and colors you will use to create your event.

Make good and smart use of the space provided by your venue without going over the top and you will create a wonderful and elegant event almost effortlessly.

Happy Fall wedding planning!

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