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Fall Theme Wedding. Tips and ideas for an indoor fall wedding. Learn how to create a calla lily theme with an autumn elegant vibe. See hundreds of wedding ideas and pictures.

Weddings held in Autumn are one of the most beautiful of all, which is also why the season is becoming one of the most popular times to get married.

Planning for a fall wedding? Do you have a deep desire to celebrate your wedding in the fall season?

Or do you want to incorporate fall colors in your wedding but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry—you have plenty of company. This article will swiftly help you on your way to planning your dream nuptials.

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Fall weddings are normally celebrated outdoors, so the perfect setting would be in a park bristling with oaks, a pleasingly tumbledown New England Barn, or your parents’ backyard garden.

This wedding theme makes you actually capture the season’s unique scents and colors in every part of your ceremony…especially the photos. Fall season makes the best backdrop!

fall theme wedding, fall weddings setting, fall wedding cake

If you are having an indoor fall theme wedding, you can always use white as the base color. Spread white linens on your tables and make sure that your reception has full-sized windows so it can give you as much fresh air and natural lightning as possible.

You can add some hurricane lamps with pillar candles inside, and adding bittersweet vines around the lamp will remind your guests of the season.

I would like to suggest favors like pewter leaf ornaments in a bright pumpkin orange gift box or a box filled with bright candy corn…

fall theme wedding, fall wedding cake

Decorate your table centerpieces with popular fall flowers like peach coral roses, gold and mango mini calla lilies, chocolate brown cosmos, pincushion proteas and pumpkin colored roses and orchids. Additional flowers like lemon leaves and eucalyptus will spread a refreshing scent of fall season on each table.

And for a cake that will give a sensation of “I won’t go home without eating this cake” to each of your guests, it can be tall and white with simple decorations of pumpkin orange calla lilies or, if the flower is not available, you can always ask your cake designer to make gum paste designed like a calla.

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