English Garden Wedding

An Elegant Celebration

An English garden wedding is truly unique.
If you are looking to host your wedding with a creative theme for a summer or spring wedding that won't break your bank, this is what you are looking for.

So if you are planning your event and want wedding ideas for your theme to have an elegant look, keep on reading.

You will see that with small details you will be able to create a fancy celebration in no time. Let’s bring that vision to life for your day!

The Time and Look

english garden wedding, cupcake table

Set up your tables with different linens, you can use one color if you prefer, but the multicolor choice will give your day a unique look.

Take as inspiration these photos courtesy of Yummy piece of Cake.

english garden wedding, cupcake table

A teapot is being used as a flower holder, as well as sugar pots. Also a wonderful cupcake tray is set at every table; all of them with a flower detail to add to the theme.

Inexpensive flowers such as daisies and carnations in different colors are used at every table to create this elegant but fun and budget-friendly look.

Having a dessert buffet table instead of a traditional full course meal will also help you if you are on a tight budget; that's why the time of the day when your celebration takes place is so important.

English Garden Wedding Favors

As you can imagine, the tea theme is all over your celebration so it makes perfect sense that your English garden wedding favors are also tea-related.

Here are some favorites:

Teapot Tea Infuser - Bridal Shower Favor
Personalized Iced Tea - Silhouette Collection (Many Designs Available)

Setting the Stage

When you think of an English garden wedding, for some reason you immediately think about beautiful gardens, amazing flowers and greenery. But also Jane Austen and her era come to mind, bringing that vintage look to life for inspiration.

And we think also about tea, a preferred drink full of history and culture. So with all of this in mind, what better idea but to set your garden wedding around it.

This theme is so simply beautiful that you can even host it in your own backyard. Yes, having a beautiful wedding at home is possible and this theme shows it.

You can work with as many colors as you like, and you will see that it is not expensive to set up at all.

You can choose to have this theme in the early morning, afternoon or early evening. I will not recommend it as a night theme, unless you are an extremely organized person with attention to detail.

It is doable but you will have to pay attention to extra details such as proper lighting, and in summertime—I hate to say it—bug control. Believe me, having your guests being bitten by unexpected visitors is not the lasting impression you want them to take home from your wedding!

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