Elegant Chalkboard Wedding Invitation

Elegant Chalkboard Wedding Invitation

An elegant chalkboard invite will let your guests know what is to be expected at your celebration.  This type of wedding invitations use handwritten style fonts, and sometimes also present florals or vintage drawings to go along with the text.

Elegant Chalkboard Wedding Invitation. Start your celebration with the original look of a chalkboard invite. Get on the hottest bridal trend with this unique stationery.

In most cases they present a black background and white text, but there are stationery options where the font can be in other colors, such as pink, blue or yellow to fit your color palette and wedding vision.

Some distributors allow you to print cards in different shapes, so even if you get to see a square card design, you may be able to request to print the card in other shapes.

Here is a selection of the best elegant chalkboard wedding invitation designs for your celebration wedding.

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Framed Elegant Chalkboard Wedding Invitation

Chalkboard Border Wedding Invitation - Rebecca & Jeremy

A Different Style

Chalkboard Script White Wedding Invitation
Chalkboard Script White Wedding Invitation

With Mason Jars

Chalkboard Wedding Rehearsal Mason Jar Invitation
Chalkboard Wedding Rehearsal Mason Jar Invitation

Vintage brides as well as those with a black and white wedding color palette, love this type of stationery for their celebration.

Let us know which one is your favorite design in the comments below.

Happy wedding planning!

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