An Egyptian Theme Wedding ...
Travel back in Time to Celebrate your Love!

An Egyptian theme wedding. A unique wedding theme only for the daring. Do you love mystery? The ancient culture of the Egyptians and hieroglyphics?

This is the theme for you! Your guests will be happily surprised when they arrive at your wedding and see what you planned.

Can't go to Egypt for your wedding? Don't worry; you would have brought Egypt to your venue when we are done setting this!

Let's start working and get the party started!

Getting Ready for the Big Day

So how do start mapping out this wonderful theme? First of all choose your colors.

You will be working with gold, black and teal or turquoise, so keep them in mind at all times.

Also keep in mind that you will be recreating an Egyptian setting for your celebration. The more you pay attention to detail in setting the scene properly, the less work you will have to put in other areas to achieve the theme.

Many brides that choose this theme describe the Luxor hotel in Vegas as the ideal place next to the real thing for an Egyptian theme wedding.

But you and I know that there are many ways to achieve this theme without travelling to Egypt or Vegas!

Setting the Scene

I consider that the best purchase you could make is an Egyptian theme kit. Imagine your guests entering through an Egyptian entrance way, to find a backdrop of palm trees and royal columns.

Take your decorations to the next level with flowing white gauze-like drapery. If you use Your Wedding Cake

You have many options for your cake. You can request a cake in a pyramid shape or have a more traditional tiered cake. Make sure it is a square tier cake to go with the theme.

egyptian theme wedding cake, creative wedding cake

Find your inspiration with this gorgeous cake, photo courtesy of ThePalmTrees

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