Edwardian wedding questions

by Rosanna

Edwardian wedding dress

Edwardian wedding dress

Hi there,

I'm going to have an Edwardian themed wedding (vintage glam Edwardian to be precise) with a winter wonderland slant.

I have lots of questions, but the main ones are:

(1) What kind of jewelry is most appropriate? I was thinking about platinum (or antique silver) filigree with pearls and some gem but I don't like amethyst and emerald.
What do you suggest? Also, I was thinking of a "bold" necklace, chandelier earrings and a comb.
Is it appropriate for an Edwardian theme?

(2) How on Earth am I going to find a suitable bridesmaid dress? And by the way what constitute a suitable bridesmaid dress?

(3) I originally thought of shades of white as my wedding color. What else can you suggest?
I would love some pastel colors but not the "regular" ones (like baby pink, blush, etc).

(4) Finally what kind of food should we serve during the formal dinner? I like organic food, especially game and fish. Is it appropriate or not?

Thank you

PS: I'm attaching a picture of my dress

And my answer...

Dear Rossana :

You are right on the dot when it comes to jewelry.

Both looks you are thinking about are appropriate for the Edwardian wedding theme.

My only recommendation is to choose the bold look if you are having a night time celebration.
As for other gems, as you do not like amethyst and emerald, opal was very popular in the Edwardian era, so you may give that one a thought.

Your dress is fab, here are other similar options available in the market now.

For your bridesmaid dresses you will have to choose a long dress to make it appropriate.

Depending on the overall look you will go with a flowy fabric, satin or lace, that is really up to you.

Absolutely no short dresses or V necklines, keep it simple.

Remember that accessories will really bring your bridesmaid gowns up to par.

Big floral bouquets and brooches, maybe even cameos if they fit you, will really bring them up to par.

As for colors, you may want to give a chance to sage, green tea, lavender or a soft peach or coral as a great pastel alternative. My pick will be sage or green tea, as they were popular for the era, but that will go also with your personal choice.

As you are having a winter wonderland slant, they will also fit the theme , but lavender is also a top choice.

And last but not least, the food.

The Edwardian period was one full of royal dinners and delicious menus.

Fish is very appropriate, game not so much.

Chicken can also be in your menu.

A couple of items popular in that era: Italian and Chinese food.

Also the Hershey’s chocolate bar was launched in 1900 ( you can use this a as a historical wedding favor)

Hope that helped!
Or come back and submit more questions, we love to help!

Come back and let us know how your wedding went and share some pictures!


PS: I am in love with your wedding dress.

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Feb 24, 2015
Your Dress
by: Megan

I absolutely adore your dress! I'm looking for one similar. Where did you find it? If you don't mind sharing.

Apr 25, 2010
by: Rosanna

Sophie the dress is Metis from Valentino for Pronovias.

Apr 25, 2010
where is the dress from?
by: sophie Lewis

hi, where did you get that dress from? i would be really interested in finding it. thanks xxx

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