A Dolphin Wedding Theme...
Swimming in an ocean of love

A dolphin wedding theme. If you love these smart creatures you can't go wrong with this unique theme.

Not only they are believed to be a good omen in some cultures, but they also represent friendship and love.

So you want to plan a fun and playful celebration? Let's start.

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The colors...

Which colors should you use for a dolphin wedding theme? Blues, grays—or silver for a little sparkle, with black and white.

The dolphin is the star in this theme, so you want colors that represent the dolphin and its environment. You can use some pink or orange coral colors to create some contrast if you like, but in very small doses.

Finding the Right Venue

Do some research and find if your local zoo or aquarium has a restaurant or ballroom where you can celebrate your union. Many places do, it just takes a little patience and perseverance to make the arrangements.

No local zoo or aquarium in your town? Shop around and see if there's a seafood restaurant with the proper wall decor to host your dolphin wedding theme.

I am not talking about any seafood restaurant, but one that is not only ready to work with planning your celebration and menu--take this into account with anyone you decide to work with, but also is set properly when it comes to decorations.

For example, one where the walls are beach or seaside murals; one with dolphin pictures or murals will be perfect.

If you can't find this type of venue, host your dolphin wedding theme at a beach, boat or any other venue. Just be ready to put in a little extra work in decorating the place. If you can't find this type of venue, host your dolphin wedding theme at a beach, sailboat or any other venue.
Just be ready to put a little extra work in decorating the place.

Setting the Scene

Receive your guest to the sounds of the ocean to set the scene. You can get a CD with the sounds of nature at any store nowadays. If you want to go even further with setting the dolphin wedding theme scene, you can designate someone to spray an ocean mist fragrance before your guests walk into the venue. You could use white, gray or blue for your linens. Use chair covers and tablecloths in matching colors. You could use your contrasting color in a ribbon tied around the chair covers to create an effect.

What about dolphin shaped balloons? Go ahead and place them in the corners of the room to add to the environment. If you decide to have a flower arrangement, do so in the theme colors.

If you go with this option, make sure that there are enough extra elements on the table to bring the dolphin wedding theme alive.

A few ideas will be having dolphin glass charms, swizzle sticks for your drinks, place cards and dolphin themed napkin rings.

But I am here to give you original ideas so...

I absolutely love the idea of having Dolphin figurines as centerpieces. There are literally hundreds to choose from and in a variety of prices to fit your budget.

And you don't need to buy exactly the same one for each table; you can buy different ones and name the table after the figurine or a type of dolphin.

Or what about a beautiful dolphin oil burner? They come in porcelain, pewter or glass. If you decide to go with this one, find sea breeze oil to set the scene.

One of the most unique items I have seen are glass sculptures of dolphin carousels, but this one is fragile and sometimes not so easy to get. So give it time to order this if you decide is the centerpiece you want.

dolphin wedding theme, dolphin cake topper

Another idea if you decide to go with a non-conventional wedding cake, have a small cake that you'll cut with your groom with dolphin designs to match the theme.

Or use a dolphin cake topper for an elegant and timeless look. On each guest table have a tray or tree of cupcakes with the same decoration, or decorate the cupcakes with dolphin sugar figurines to fit the theme.

Dressing the part

There's no specific dress style for a dolphin theme wedding so this is your choice. My recommendation will be to wear a mermaid cut dress or a slim fit dress.

Accessorize your look with pearls. Wear a dolphin garter. If you can't find one, make one by adding a wedding charm to your garter with a hot glue gun.

The menu

Dolphin love to eat fish, so you will be serving seafood more than likely. Lobster, tuna, oysters and shrimp should be part of your options. Also serve plenty of salads and your drink of choice should be champagne. Just take into consideration that if you decide to go with only seafood for the menu you should know your guests very, very well. By this I am just trying to say that not everyone likes seafood no matter how good you think it is.

So consider other options—especially if there will be many children attending your wedding. A Little Something for your Guests

You'll find many types of favors for a dolphin theme wedding.

A little something for your guests

dolphin wedding theme. dolphin resin bottle stopper

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Resin Bottle stoppers , crystal figurines, charms, gel candles, bookmarks, dolphin-shaped chocolate or candies, dolphin-shaped soap, etc. You name it, it’s there.

So it is up to you to figure out what you want within all of the possibilities. You could also fill in personalized bags, tins or boxes with your favorite candy.

Some other favors allow personalization with your wedding date and your names such as bottle openers, key chains and shot glasses.

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